the rona has added more dates to “ha” tour (and she wants you to experience her)

my summer is gonna be all about glo’in up,
inside work,
and trying to get all the coins from this blogging career.
unless it’s someone i’m really attracted to,
or one of my crushes comes with that “please forgive me” pipe (doused in clorox),
i’ve postponed my search for my next great wolf.

This Rona shit is no joke

…and it seems to be getting worse since cities started opening up.
so a foxholer sent me something about all the gays that headed to dallas last weekend.
i guess it was to partying,
and fun,
but mask and safety-free.
someone from this group from one of the dallas trips:

posted this on their ig stories

the good news is he might have gotten some sex before he goes on that quarantine life.
i’m sorry.
everyone thought the rona was over but:

nah homie.
the rona is on full tilt disrespect.
until they start testing,
i’m soooooooo good on the outings.
i know a few people who know others who caught the rona,
one whose grandfather has died,
and even a foxholer:

i’m good.
new yawk did phase 2 and i can’t wait to see how this turns out.
i hope everyone who is outside is at least wearing a mask.
it’s selfish as hell to not be.
even if you don’t have symptoms,
you could still have it.
next thing you know,
you kill great aunt mook and Lord knows who else.

lowkey: at this point,
future bae and i will have to have a whole bath in dettol before we touch each other…

my caribbean foxholers know about that dettol.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “the rona has added more dates to “ha” tour (and she wants you to experience her)”

  1. I only go out to run errands or walk/exercise. Other than that I’m home chillin. I’m type one diabetic since age 9 so if I get sick I’d probably be fatally I’ll. Everyone please be safe. I’ll be glad when this is over I miss my Mother dearly and she lives in SC but I can’t go visit her yet.

  2. These same dudes who went to Dallas, will be back on the sex apps ready to hook and spread coronavirus not even knowing it. Yes, we all get horny…but fuck, stop being selfish. Yeah I get it…we all want to have fun and be around our friends etc. Times are different now. This virus is real and can kill you. I’m sure some of these dudes are on “Prep” and think it will protect them from corona smh. Wear a mask and keep your circle of friends small. Sex is fun, but being in a hospital bed trying to breathe is not!

  3. I follow one of these guys on Instagram.The light skin guy in white cap,he’s a realtor from DMV.Based on his posts he went to Dallas for his friend Johnnie’s birthday party, not to fuck😂.Many of the guys he tagged live in Dallas.

    Yes they should have been wearing masks,social distancing, etc. I partly blame Governor Abbott he has never taken this virus seriously IMO.I think him opening up the state too soon is one of the reason for our record numbers of COVID-19 cases now.Today he announced he is putting a pause on reopening because the number of cases has “exploded”.

    1. There should have been a national plan from day one. Its makes no sense that people can leave closed states to go to open states. I live in Massachusetts. Neighboring states are so close I can be in new Hampshire, or Rhode island in less than an hour and both of these states are mostly open while mass is still very restricted.

    2. Pause be damned, he needs to have people go back to self-isolating until those numbers go down. That’s the only way, otherwise that state is going to be in SERIOUS trouble by the time Fall comes.
      People are not taking this thing serious, and honestly, I think it is people who have not been touched personally by this pandemic. Once it touches them, that’s when the realization hits, and by then it’s too late. I had a guy call me a sheep the other night, saying that the numbers are being hyped by the leftist media. I told him to take his ass into a big ass crowd with no mask, and take 5-10 deep breaths if it’s not true.

      Side note: that dude in the white hat that you follow kinda looks like Kevin Portillo. LOL

      1. The singer Tank posted “So Trump can have rallies but we can’t have concerts?”A lot of people in his comments start criticizing him saying that’s possibly putting people’s health at risk.He said that would be their choice.He also used that term SHEEP, that the pandemic is turning people into sheep.

        He wants to be like Trump,have his fans sign a waiver that they won’t sue if they contract COVID-19 at his concert.I can’t believe he posted that after DL Hughley performed at a comedy club,fainted,tested positive and now people at the club have to get tested and quarantine.SMH

    3. The two guys he’s standing in between are also DMVers. I used to seem them at Secrets and on my old “friends” Instagram.

    4. Hello,

      Could you please verify Instagram of guy in white cap? I believe someone may be impersonating him and is currently trying to scam me. Thank you.

  4. I’m tired of seeing PSAs by people who didn’t take it serious and now have it. The previous PSAs didn’t stop you and yours will not stop anyone else. People are just listening to whatever information gets the to the answer they wanted to hear. You want to go out? You’ll seek information that supports that decision.

  5. Gov Cuomo tried to tell these Red States what was coming and Florida and Texas thought it was not that serious and here we are, both Florida and Texas ironically cases are exploding, the red state whiteys thought since it was Black people being affected the most, they didnt have to worry and could go on living their best selfish lives and of course most 20 somethings no matter what part of the country they live in are not taking this too seriously they love to party and aint nobody gonna stop them.

  6. I have no sympathy for them tbh. They knew the risks and decided to expose themselves and others to potentially catching the virus all in the name of partying/bopping. There are a lot of people sacrificing their social calendars this summer to ensure they don’t contract or spread the virus to others. But here we have these gay dudes dippin and skippin all over the continental US on cheap flights. Get your priorities straight.

    1. Also, I live in DFW and I noticed on social media there had been an influx of out-of-towners over the past week. Straight fuckery, I tell ya.

  7. People are really trying to carry on as normal in Texas. I was just in a white neighborhood and no one was wearing a mask.

    You’d have to be a damn fool to come to Texas right now, or get on any flight for that matter.

    People are legit eating at crowded restaurants and going to gyms that are not cleaning anything and mostly all the grocery stores have had confirmed cases.

    Wait until we start school at the beginning of August. They’re requiring teachers to wear mask but none of the kids smh.

    1. I guess my job prospects falling through in Texas was a blessing in disguise. 🤷🏾‍♂️
      That is wildt…we just opened our borders but now they saying they might go back to phase 1 smh. This upcoming school year will be a MESS

    1. This blog post is messy af. Just because you travel with a group of friends doesn’t mean you’re on apps looking for the next dick or ass. There is more to life than sex. I guess you needed to add some shock value. Also you have a bunch of grammatical errors in this post that you may want to fix.

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