the noose from bubba wallace’s pit stop makes it’s debut

everyone knows what a noose looks like.
it’s not hard to misunderstand one when you see it.
i can see how bubba wallace could mistake the following for a noose.
nascar released the picture of what the noose in question looked like via “tmz“…

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “the noose from bubba wallace’s pit stop makes it’s debut”

    1. I’ve been worried for his safety ever since Confederate flags were banned. So speak for yourself. They’re always looking for a Black person to vent their frustrations on as seen by the cops who wanted to go out and kill us for fun that were ONLY caught by dashcam recordings.

  1. Yeah that pulley looks intentional and I don’t blame his camp for sounding off. I’ve had garage pulleys by string but nothing of that fashion.

      1. Because the BLM movement is going on, and based on some comments I read, he was looking for sympathy and cooked this whole thing up. White people are just so fucking ignorant

    1. Sad thing is that they said nooses have been around the garages there for decades. Like it’s nothing. I can’t say I’m surprised.
      It’s the South, and those people have that shyt ingrained in their system.
      I give props to Bubba and Lewis Hamilton for being the minorities in a “sport” that’s been dominated by white folks for decades. More power to them.

      1. The NASCAR president said they conducted a thorough sweep of all the garages at the tracks they race at.Of the 1684 garage stalls,they only found 11 pull down ropes tied in a knot.And only one tied into a noose,the one in Bubba’s garage.

        So IDK where all these nooses these people claim they saw.Bubba told Don Lemon he has been in hundreds of garages and has never seen a noose.Also he asked his crew and they had never seen one.His crew member who reported the noose is a Black guy he said he had never seen one.

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