A Tough Love Slap For That Behind

you got stephen smith going off for 7 minutes.
an f-bi sent me this yesterday.
i giggled.
you know it’s bad when they gotta dedicate a segment on first take for yo ass…

it’s not like they are lying right?
hopefully he got some pussy beforehand.
i don’t know if i want to say chad is done,
but it looks like a possibility.
movies maybe?

lowkey: how is he even making money?
he dresses like he got it like that.
he may have to start looking into that porn career.
4real 4real.

5 thoughts on “A Tough Love Slap For That Behind

  1. I really am glad the judge decided to give him jail time. The guy takes nothing seriously. He has been accused of abuse by two different women. Ignores the terms of his probation. Gets a deal where he does not have to do jail time and yet still acts a fool in court. It is all a joke. Will the guy ever grow up?

  2. Yea, he is done. On some real shit, if he ended up doing porn that would be a downfall. It would be nice if he ended up being a NFL analyst or something.

  3. he’s an image. Probably is making money off his past image. When I say this man is a fool some people go off on me on how oh no he is a wolf, oh no people have a bad time oh no people make mistakes, oh no he’s a good guy at heart. He is a complete moron that acts like a stereotypical BLACK NIGGER

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