Rob Kardashian: Reminiscencing On What Was

tumblr_llxdvrngnV1qdhp1c“remember when rob kardashian was sexy as shit?”

i never really looked at him like that,
but i do remember when he was somewhat attractive.
i went through my files,
postin’ things for tumblr,
and i remember when kim posted these pictures…

3143s3t b9hjqa

rob had a rump.

tumblr_lfceyddzZF1qdl53uo1_500a nice one.
now he looks like a rump roast.
he needs to get back to these days.
the wolves on my site are hungry for his exxxotical armenian ass.

lowkey: it kills me how many people talk about his butt cheeks.
i guess he was the male kim k?
is he even losing weight?
every time i see him,
he is getting bigger.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian: Reminiscencing On What Was

  1. That first pic of him turned me on. Damn, he used to be bad as shit. That ass was so plump and fat. Hope Rob gets his body back for his and my eyes sake.

  2. He used to me bad but now….. meh… I was watching ‘keeping up’ the other day and they were talking about anal… apparently he loves it lol

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