i think diamonté is getting her shit together.
saweetie done cut her hair bald and is coming out swinging.
blonde and bald works wonders on certain head shapes.
saweetie gives that good head (shape).
i peeped her new years eve performance and well…


you can be as sexy as boris kodjoe too!

so charles older brother,
boris kodjoe,
was my teenage dream.
i’ll never forget when he popped up on the show,
“soul food”:

as a cub,
i thought he was the finest wolf i’d ever seen.
did you know he use to have hair?
like many males,
he ended up losing it.
as you know,
i had the same issue recently.
( x see it here )
a lot of males don’t like to talk about this.
well boris wanted to inspire those who are losing their hair.
this is what he put up on his instagram

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Rob Kardashian: Reminiscencing On What Was

tumblr_llxdvrngnV1qdhp1c“remember when rob kardashian was sexy as shit?”

i never really looked at him like that,
but i do remember when he was somewhat attractive.
i went through my files,
postin’ things for tumblr,
and i remember when kim posted these pictures…

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… and My Body Is Beyond Ready.

I just mentioned him in a couple posts down.
If you havent checked it out: SHAME ON YOU.
For those who did, he is one of the starters on me Scorpio Starting Roster.
Of course, I had to see him without a shirt on for to solitify the fact that he signs on without even a practice warm up…

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He Is Ugly As Sin… But He Laces Me In The Finest Things

When I see a Wolf, I see his face first.

Most Foxes scanning for dick prints.
I figure, I got to look at you.

Then, I scan his lips.
Then I take a trip around his body.
I determine if he has nice arms and a nice chest.
I then scan to his cakes and see if he is holding some Charmin type cheeks back there.
As I am scanning, I look at his gear to see if he has some sort of style.
Finally, I’ll determine how good he is in bed.

….yup, I can be pretty damn shallow.
But, I started to wonder if that is healthy.
I have been attracted to some Wolves who no one thought was sexy, so I’m not that bad.
Some people can go out there, get with someone they aren’t really attracted to, and get something out the deal.
Whether it is money, free rides, or eventually fall in love.

I started to wonder:

Is having a standard on the men you choose to date healthy?

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Paint The Town “Fox”

Industry Nights.

So I have started going more places as far as “the industry”.
It is actually a very interesting world behind the scenes.
You get first hand dirt on all the rumors.
All the scandals.
And people in front the scenes aren’t as glamorous as they seem.
I think that has been the biggest eye opener.
I haven’t seen anything too scandalous,
but I have been around people I perceive to be as such.

I keep asking myself when will they show their true colors?
Everything is perfect now, but when will they strike?
Or, should I relax and not mentally sabotage shit?

I am trying to be something.
Anything that requires me to be great.
You know this.
I know this.
But, it is a process.
A lot of hand shakes, fake smiles, lusting eyes, and broken promises.

I went to an industry event for NYE.
It was cool.
No one I was interested in really showed up…
…well, this Wolf did but he seemed to have a lot on his mind.
He looked… mad.
I kept looking at him and wondering if he broke up with someone?
If a deal he was trying to get fell through?
Or, if he was just pissed off at all the holiday spirit?

I could tell he was muscular as hell under that black cardigan.
Everything fit him so well.
He kept looking at me, but my people were not with his people.
I was too intimidated to even go up to him to start a convo.
Well not really, I was more so observing his swagga.
He was a “someone” because everyone was either kissing that ass or giving handshakes.

He did hold the elevator door open for me as I was leaving with my group.
He did smile at me on the ride down.
He did wish me a happy new year as he waited for me to walk out.
His bald head and lips were the focus of my thoughts.

“I would love to sit on his face as I held onto that bowling ball.” I thought.

I guess there will be more of this as I travel deep in the industry.
I hope to be a better Terrance Dean about my Wolves.
I do not want those kind of hot Fox scandals.
I just want to be appreciated for my talents… as well as that “cum back” appeal.
I’ll meet some great material to write about.
I feel good about 2012.

This should be an interesting year.