i think diamonté is getting her shit together.
saweetie done cut her hair bald and is coming out swinging.
blonde and bald works wonders on certain head shapes.
saweetie gives that good head (shape).
i peeped her new years eve performance and well…


it still gives “the popular cheerleaders in a high school talent show”

…but saweetie has star quality tbh.
she is pretty,
has a nice body,
wears fly shit,
and she has charisma.


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so what you can tell when she writes her own shit,
she is always booked and busy.
i think making “music” is a vehicle to keep her from being labeled a socialite.


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she def gives “high priced vágina”.
i think she is gonna end up marrying rich and never doing that “rapping thing” again.

i’ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. BRAVO!!!! She looks Stunning! I l love when sisters go this route. They never look better

    .( I have nothing against weaves, Braids, Curls , Dreads or Weaves ) Do you .

    She is really growing on me. Her flow even sounds better ( smile). This was a smart move to separate her from the pack and show that she really is in this for the art . ( 2022 version of art that is)

  2. I am loving the look, loving the evolution. However, Saweetie still comes off Toxic after that whole Quavo thing. She was all public with it and when it didn’t go her way, she turned violent and tried to make him seem like he was the violent one.

  3. I can see the growth in Saweetie and her studio bops are cute. Like you, Jamari, I will allow it. Let’s see where it goes…

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