porsha williams of rhoa fame is a fighter.
she will not hesitate to put her paws on ya if you ack’ up.
you see what she did to kenya during her first reunion on rhoa:

porsha was the hometown hero until she started showing her ass.
well on her own reality show,
porsha family matters“,
it seems she is putting her paws to work again


isn’t dennis her baby daddy?
i don’t watch that show but i think we all know porsha’s fists of fury all too well.
is that porsha’s sister trying to break it up?

Is the foxhole tuned into her show?

remember when they dragged evelyn lozada for fighting on reality tv?
they claimed it was so toxic and even had her go on iyanla to fix her life.
her reality career suffered because she wasn’t playin “whack a hoe” any longer.
everyone will throw every fist,
and horse to get their point across on reality tv.

i always said porsha was less “rhoa” and more “love and hip hop atl”.

lowkey: did she end up smashin’ the stripper,

was that ever confirmed?


  1. I think the difference is Evelyn fought EVERY SESASON almost on every episode, and Evelyn was a bully. Porsha seems to be provoked when she fights like Kenya blowing the bullhorn in her face!

      1. Evelyn and Jennifer were the mean girls of the group until they had their falling out, but Evelyn was the one to throw the hands if need be. She really came across as an angry woman. You had to literally walk on eggshells and/or watch what/how you said things to her…Tami too! Lol

  2. Porsha and Tanya definitely smashed Bolo. They got the walls for all that meat so bravo to them!

    1. Yeah, you know Bolo got up in them guts. You could see the way she was salivating when he did his performance for them. She was gonna get some of that dick. LOL

  3. Yeah she smashed Bolo, Bolo confirmed that. Regardless what the argument was about he was doing too much. She asked him to leave and he should have left, period. He could have left after that or prior and said, “I’m not about to let you disrespect my mama on camera, let’s go.” He wanted to do that. She did right and asked for security and security wanted the fight because of course, like always, they don’t show up until somebody swinging. They were literally standing right there and did not escort him out. The fact you a grown ass man fighting 2 women, is low. He swung on Porsha which led to her throwing them paws, she had no choice but to defend herself. If she is a child, why are you arguing with her, leave like she asked you too. That’s it. Even her fiancé said, we will deal with it another day. I don’t care if you are the baby father, you don’t fight women because of what they said. Women will always say what they feel regardless how it comes off.

    1. That’s what I thought. It looked like he instigated it with a slick move and she started swinging.

    2. Unless you have some inside information, or I missed something, what about that clip makes you think he swung (or would) on her? That’s an extreme move and allegation.

      And how are the women absolved from responsibility for their involvement in creating that scene? I don’t watch the show, but based on that clip (and her in general), she wasn’t exactly a damsel in distress in this scene

      1. You didn’t see him flinch at her, everybody told him don’t do that. That’s evident he did something. Nobody said she was a angel but you don’t argue with a woman provoking a fight. When you feel you have to swing on her for saying something, that is not cool. Don’t get mad at me. He was antagonizing the situation. She politely called for security instead if saying something to him. I said what I said. If he felt like that he should have left. Security jumped on him first because he did something. They were standing there the whole time

        1. I was asking because I only saw him go low, before I saw Porsha swinging, and it didn’t look to me like he was going in her direction.

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