Beaten, Bruised, Busted (& Disgusted): Another Chat Site Hook Up Gone Wrong

8480are we still letting people we meet on chat sites in our cribs?
ya’ll know these forest dwellers be dangerous!
trying to get your goodies…
and all the good expensive shit in your spot.
well this following story is rather interesting.
check this report from myfoxdetroit
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The Wolf Of Dead End Street

wolfattacki am the best thing to come into anyone’s life.
call it cocky.
i call it truth.
i can honestly say that i’m in such a better place in my life.
i have become content and more confident with who i am.
2013 taught me about starting over the right way.
so i thought i would start fresh on a chat site to meet a wolf.
its not that i don’t meet dudes on them.
i do.
it’s just i meet a lot of jackals and hyenas with see through game…

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Old Dog; Good Dick.

i found myself just now catch up on this show called girls.

it comes on hbo and it is pretty good.
last nights episode was so true to life for me.
you ever watched something and it reflected something you went through?
who knew lena dunham would write an episode that would have me locked in…

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