The Wolf Of Dead End Street

wolfattacki am the best thing to come into anyone’s life.
call it cocky.
i call it truth.
i can honestly say that i’m in such a better place in my life.
i have become content and more confident with who i am.
2013 taught me about starting over the right way.
so i thought i would start fresh on a chat site to meet a wolf.
its not that i don’t meet dudes on them.
i do.
it’s just i meet a lot of jackals and hyenas with see through game…

so i while i was in florida,
i was bored and decided to open up a chat site.
i know.
see what had happened was…
well i was hoping that ( x emmanuel sanders look a like ) was on it.
since i was in a new area,
i had my picture up.
well in about 5 minutes,
i had over 45 messages.
don’t gasp.
i must look like “a wolf”,
because all i got was booty shots,
people who eat their feelings,
and fun sized boys.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-5350-1386180047-7some sending me messages 7 or 8 times just for my attention.
how many times you gonna send “hello” with no response until?
the shit would be going of all day and with no one i was interested in.
when i got back to ny,
i left it on because i wanted to see what would bite.
same shit; different toilet.
it was looking like a fail until i got “sup” from this profile:

light skinned-ed
reppin bk all day
100% wolf
solid 8 inch thick pipe
“not with the games.
looking for a cutie to chill and get to know better”

he unlocked his pics and foxholeeeeeeeee,
he was fine as hell.
i mean he had the body,
the wolf swagg,
the “i’ll take him to go”.
we talked and the convo was flowin’ great.
well that was until it started taking him about 2 hours to respond.
it wasn’t like he would respond something good to piggy back off of either.

“lol naw”
“yeah man”
“naw u good”
“my b”

then gonna tell me when i say “you seem like a busy man”:

“i got a lot of messages my b
i’m feel in you tho”

anigif_enhanced-buzz-19946-1386178493-14what kinda wack sauce high school game is that?
wolves like that come with a gaggle of whores,
but don’t lump me with your “bed and breakfast” specials.
i mean he was stupid fine and i would be equally as stupid to not expect otherwise.
after that entry about ( x that jackal robbing people ) and ( x never forget ),
i erased my profile.
didn’t care if it was on or off either way,
but i’m sure boredom will strike and i’ll get on it again.
how exactly i am supposed to meet wolves anyway?
its not like i was getting luck in the street.
ya know i use to be so extra to find a relationship,
but these wolves are such bitches now that its pathetic.
am i looking for a wolf or a fuckin’ lesbian?
they need to get it the fuck together in 2014.
i’m coming and i expect nothing but the best.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-4723-1386178918-3lowkey: yes.
i would have fucked him.
he couldn’t even keep my attention long enough for the butt cheeks.

13 thoughts on “The Wolf Of Dead End Street

  1. Man you meet all those types offline as well, J i am over the whole online, whatsapp thing, I am not gonna waste valuable time being a conversational fluffer. It has hoes for that sorry and i am not one of them.

    1. ^right or trading pictures back and forth like a game of pokemon.
      just without the “poking”.
      i remember this one dude didnt want to talk to me because i didnt have an instagram.
      like, what?

      1. Yea i get that you don’t wanna meet shrek but at the same time wtf.

        But j you saw being mary jane last week i hate the fact that i can identify with the issues that mary jane is finding herself in. from the family that you have to be the adult in yet being told you not the boss, the ex and married guy issues, I am a fox so since when is my life a reflection of a vixen?

  2. I find that men (gay, straight or bisexual) typically have as their Alpha and Omega four things: 1. Looks: How you look from the neck up. 2. Body: How you look from the neck down. 3. Sex/sex appeal: Whether the sex is good and whether you are sexually alluring. (I called this the “erection test”. That is, it’s whether he thinks he will enjoy having sex with you.) And 4. Youth: Generally, the younger the better. And of course, there is the exception of number 5. Money. If you have enough money, then that can substitute for one, some or all of the other four. And the four things add up to sex. A relationship cannot last on sex.

    Straight men tend to want to settle down with a wife and have children so they moderate from the “fuck ever thing that moves” stage of their 20s and 30s to getting married in their 20s and 30s. But gay men do not have children with other men so they tend not to moderate from that stage as quickly and gay culture makes nsa sex plentiful so they don’t feel a need as much to moderate and control their libidos.

    When it comes to talking on line, if a man takes a while to get back to you, that may men that he’s talking to many other men at the same time. On the otherhand, it may mean that he’s cooking, cleaning, watching TV, etc. because their appears to be no ettiquite to say “I’m cooking and I’ll be back in 10 minutes” or “I’m on the phone with a friend and this convo might take 30 minutes”. Guys just leave and do what they want without explanation. At least that appears to be the way things go.

    The guys that have looks, body, sex/sex appeal and youth tend to be at the top of the sexual food chain and they tend to have their pick of guys who “don’t measure up”. The guys that don’t measure up often throw themselves at the guys at the top of the sexual food chain with the hope that they might get some sex with such a top or bottom. And the guys a the top of the sexual food chain play their advantages to the hilt. They have the other guys buying things for them, waiting for hours and they are often rude (standing guys up, not returning phone calls, etc.). They don’t care. To guys at the top of the sexual food chain, other guys are interchangable and you’re lucky if you can get some dick and/or ass.

    Will it change? No. Not as long as sex is the currency of exchange among gay men. Guys who have the currency are like kids in a candy store or dogs in a meat house. The want to sample a bit of everything. If you have the currency, you can spend it and get what you want. If you don’t have have the currency, you can beg.

    1. ^this was super deep dean.
      funny enough from the time i opened that chat profile,
      i didn’t hit up one person.
      everyone came to me.
      some were scary aggressive.
      sending multiple messages daily.
      not interested.

  3. From what people have told me about online dating, this is my perception:

    They are the weirdos.
    They are the desperate ones.
    They are the crazy ones.
    They are the stalkers(I know this would happen to me smh)
    They are the thieves/con artists.

    However, there is probably a small percentage of good people, and everyone is prob claiming to be in this small percentage lol.Just my perception, and I know this is about right.

  4. Damn this is life. I got on BGC yesterday since the weather was nice in my part of the country just to see what was out here you know, well the same fuckery from 2013 and it looks like that its the same all over the country. I already know that when you are in the middle of a conversation and it takes a ninja forever to respond he is talking to 8 other hoes simultaneously and its best to keep it moving. Im at a lost on what to do to meet someone of quality. I try to be that person I would want to meet and it still does no good. It seems like the brothers who are doing something and look half way decent have so many dudes after them that its all for not. Hell I have a few muscles my self now and I have had dudes hitting me up from all over the country and Im like why would I even talk to someone 1000 miles from home, but they dont care, you just got a look they like and they have whored themselves out at home, so on to you. Im hopeful, I may be fooling myself though, I did have a married dude hit me up and wanna play while the wife was away. I didnt even respond anymore. If anybody got the answer maybe they will share it for us all LOL!

  5. I’m just getting into the chat site thing and I’m already very discouraged. No one ever seems to be who they try to make themselves out to be. I wish I could meet guys the real way. Maybe then I could cut through some of the bullshit.

    1. ^sam!
      you in my head right now.
      i’m to the point if things dont work out with some wolf i met,
      i’m assuming they have hiv or they are riff raff.
      people make it so easy to meet dudes.
      i wish i was running the the hollywood or other exclusive circles.
      at least id meet professional like minded men.
      is asking for an attractive wolf much?

      1. Jamari, the struggle is real. I’ve chatted with a few different guys. I met one who was supposedly down low as I am and turned out to be a flaming ass queen. I met another and asked him what he did for a living and he replied that he was into “modeling.” In North Carolina where in the hell are you “modeling” at. I’m an educated, attractive, down-to earth, discreet fox looking for the same in a wolf. I didn’t think that would be so damn hard to find.

        P.S. Do these niggas not no the rate of HIV in the black community. I don’t do the hookup thing often but the few times I have, I ask them to use a condom and they like “don’t worry, you good” and I’m like “nigga I know I’m good, but I don’t know shit about you.” I’m always gonna chose my life over dick.

      2. ^oh god.
        a catfish, huh?
        lowkey i had to put in my mind “too good to be true” about this one.
        i am just a regular fox,
        who isnt into clubs and games,
        and just wants to meet someone that i am attracted too.
        its like i am asking jesus to come down and turn water to wine.

  6. Yes I know what that is like.It’s annoying as fuck.I was talking to a guy that was taking forever to respond to messages.They must be a little slow I assume.

    Not gonna lie.Seeing that pack of wolves up top kind of scared me.I felt like I was about to get eaten… and not in the good way.

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