The Promised Jobs On Dead End Street

tumblr_m0a020A3E71qdpkl5o1_500i guess we can stay in theme.
so i got a email about a job on friday for today.
it was from the vixen i know who works at an agency.
but it paid well beyond what i was use too…







DyGg71wi know.
SUPER downgrade,
but i wasn’t gonna turn it down.
it was at a major clothing store so i was thinking checks and threads!
i didn’t get excited and as expected,
i get a text on saturday telling me the job was cancelled.
when you don’t expect anything,
you won’t get disappointed.

house-borednow this morning,
my landlord sends me a text telling me:

“i hope you looking for jobs.
i am seeing a lot of jobs on the internet.
no reason why you shouldn’t have one yet.
have you been to this?”

…with a screenshot from “”.
apparently he said someone “recommended” this site to him for me.
bless his heart.
i’ve been on indeed since my working career.
i rarely get jobs from those kind of sites.
it’s  always been through a hook up or a temp gig.
speaking of hook ups,
he is the one who promised me a job too.
when i was in fl,
he said his homeboy was a manager at a job and its definite.

“are you sure i would get the job?”
“yeah you in!
as soon as you get back!”

well okay then.
why come when i get back to ny,
he gon’ say:

“aight so this is what i want you to do.
ima text you.
get dressed like you going on an interview.
ima bring dude by by spot.
come upstairs like you gonna ask a question,
i’ll introduce you two,

sell yourself,
and give him your resume.”

what kind of hood foolishness?
that is not how i do business.
at least have me go to the job on some professional shit.
hell a lunch to discuss.
needless to say it never happened,
so i asked him recently what was the move on the job.

“yeah he said nothing is open.”

do i need to put that britney gif here again?
one of the reasons i ignored his text today.
well on lighter news,
i have another interview with yet another temp agency tomorrow.
again: not expecting nothing.
i will take positive vibes as i go forth into the jungle yet again.

14 thoughts on “The Promised Jobs On Dead End Street

  1. Damn man, sounds like you are getting nothing but the run around, especially from that friend of yours. SMH. Things just have to get better for you. Good luck tomorrow.

    1. ^hey s!
      atrium was horrrrribbbllleee!
      that was the one i wrote about when they forgot i was there.
      sat there for 2 hours.
      i’ll try office team.

      1. When you apply for OfficeTeam contact the person whose info is at the bottom of the posting. Don’t hit the apply now button because then you’ll just go into a pool of applicants and then they have to go in order.

  2. That damn gift is perfect. Im so over people who are supposedly helping me find work. This is the time I need some damn White friends and I have none, No not one. The few Black friends who claim they were gonna do this and that, barely have their foot in the damn door or work record is so poor that you want even get a chance. Its sad but my people dont run shit or make any decisions for the most part in any major company and if by chance they do, they are only allowed to bring in no more than 2 people every decade. Its now or never you got to be a hustler, look on Craiglist for some of these unconventional gigs that you would never think of but are always hiring like Security. Though they dont pay much, if you are professional enough, you will learn and meet valuable people inside some of the companies you may be ask to provide services for, and can meet someone. Also a friend told me about being a Usher at various concerts, plays, many of these pay cash and wont interfere if you have unemployment benefits, and also you never know who you might meet if you are looking good and stand out, a good time to have business cards printed to handout advertising your styling and P.R. services. Even look for writing gigs online, I am thinking outside the box in 2014.

    1. ^you know when i put that britney gif,
      i’m super annoyed.
      i’m with you on thinking outside the box.
      i know that when i get my foot in the door,
      i want to help people.
      the ones who were there for me and tried their hardest.
      i’m not gonna be like these others who get a few gold coins and switch up.
      god knows my heart so i’m sure he will keep me grounded with my decision.

  3. Jamari, you’re right. Your chances of getting a job through the web or through “just applying” is about the same as your chance of winning the lottery. You’re right that the more effective ways of getting jobs is through knowing someone (what you call the hook-up) and through working there with a temp agency as you say.

    1. ^right dean!
      it is really hard out here.
      and then what pisses me off is people assuming i’m not looking.
      these assholes HAVE jobs,
      yet they are telling me how easy it is???
      see that either gets someone automatically cussed out OR put on my blacklist.
      then the goverment fighting about turning on unemployment.
      it is a fuckn’ mess in these streets.

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