MEAT: (509)

tumblr_mzbt7lQ9VY1rnnb31o1_500nothing like some caramel to cheer me up when i’m feeling annoyed.
this looks like it tastes chewy,
but after you suck on it enough,
it goes down smooth.
whatchu thankin’?

lowkey: i want something,
looking like this or better,
to be fuckin me this year.
am i asking for much?
am i reaching for the stars?
hell peanut did it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “MEAT: (509)”

  1. This dude right here. Just damn, I so admire his body and that damn waist line of his, he is my workout inspiration right now, I saw him the other day, I think he may be a trainer, he was on tumblr of course. Wait let me check Herbalife lmao. We need to set a satellite office of the foxhole at the Herbalife District Headquarters to screen all potential wolf and foxes for 2014. Now I might just buy something from him, cause he is the real deal. I bet he is from Texas.

  2. Damn I want him to give me total dominion over his body for just one night. Yea he looks confident, but I guarantee Ill take that smirk off his face. Smmfh! !!

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