Idris Elba Lip Lick Sets The #GoldenGlobes On Fire

tumblr_mzbmu2n3Pk1qhd14co2_500idris elba is having the best week ever.
his wink/lick lip at the golden globes>>>
i see he didn’t wear a bowtie tonight.
he did show up with his baby mama tho…

tumblr_mzbo9ffqbW1ri799do8_500she aight.
naw i’m playing.
she is glowing and they make a cute couple!

lowkey: idris,
i see you not wearing underwear.
you ain’t low.
ya pipe is tho.

7 thoughts on “Idris Elba Lip Lick Sets The #GoldenGlobes On Fire

  1. Im so pissed that Jennifer Lawrence won GG over Lupita.Twelve Years A Slave won 1 award,Best Film Drama,the last award.The show was so boring I fell asleep and missed the award.No love for Black actors @GG.
    Lupita slayed in red Ralph Lauren,Kerry Washington showed off baby bump.Diddy was drunk onstage.Idris looked Hot.Im going back to sleep.

    1. I sooooo agree I was shocked lupita and Kerry didn’t win in their sections. They both looked great tho, and idris was beyond sexy last night.

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