Would You Like To Ride This Bugatti? (Pre-Baller Wolf Edition)

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 8.35.05 PM“woke up in a new bugatti”.
well i’d like to wake up on one especially when it looks like ^this.
everyone meet pre baller wolf,
brandon bugatti,
who is a cornerback for ucla.
yes i know his last name is not really bugatti…

tumblr_mzb0xw1BjV1rdutw3o1_400i’d go to town on that pipe and then swallow everything.
it’s sunday.
well he looks cocky as hell.
i like that.
that is the type you gotta knock down a few pegs
….and get some incredible hate sex in the process.
vixens let me know how this one is.
he looks like a rough ride.

8 thoughts on “Would You Like To Ride This Bugatti? (Pre-Baller Wolf Edition)

  1. HOV!!!! I see you still have low self esteem in the new year!!! at least you are still consistent.

  2. Those pics made my eyes water lol. That is a bad man right there.

    Yea, you can tell he knows he’s bad. Ain’t nothin wrong with that lol. I like it.

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