The Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes On The Grammy Red Carpet

so last night was the grammys as you all know.
time to highlight the wolves who attended.
some of our favorites looking either really good
…or who should have stayed their asses home.
load the slides boys….

lol @ breezy wolf having no fucks to stand.
what did the dream have on?
tried way too hard.
no really, what did lupe have on?
was he about to go join the ninja turtles?
everyone else looked good.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes On The Grammy Red Carpet”

  1. ROTFLMAO@ LUPE FIASCO. OMG. I’m about to die. What the fuck did he have on?

    Man oh man, Trey looked handsome as usual. He always looks his best on the red carpet. Love that about him.

    The woman with Miguel is bad. Bring her to me, he don’t know what to do with all that. If he does to her what he did to that imaginary person in that concert ol girl is in trouble. LMAO…

  2. Wow Nelly made me feel some kind of way. I hate to admit it to myself, but I have a huge crush on Frank Ocean, he is not the type of dude I would feel some type of way about but its something about his creativity and that nerdy persona that really turns me on. Wow, I have never seen Rick Ross look this good, he is representing well for a big dude. Nas is aging and looks a little stressed or tired or maybe both. LL looks like he is trying to find the Four Tops or the Temptations for a fill in slot. Chris Brown is a goddamn Rock Star no matter how crazy his antics he oozes charisma, while Neyo, Drake and Trey look boring as hell. Damn Miguel is built like a stud, I just dont see it for his sexy. That thing with the cap on, just tacky, he seems like he is extra annoying and a douchebag and thinks he is the shit because he has money. Im sure the industry laughs at his ass behind his back. Overall everyone looked decent, but no one touched PRINCE he was slaying all those hoes with the essence of Sweet Peppermint Pussy and Violets, no man or woman was safe from all that charm and swag.

  3. home – frank ocean and whatever kama sutra nonsense he was trying to pull off, dream should have stayed in his mum’s basement, jt’s shoe, lupe and pharrell’s bow tie

    hit – trey, nelly (should have sat right next to me), hitboy, the chick with miguel (on my lap)

    eh – the rest of them. wiz looks like valet

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