Old Dog; Good Dick.

i found myself just now catch up on this show called girls.

it comes on hbo and it is pretty good.
last nights episode was so true to life for me.
you ever watched something and it reflected something you went through?
who knew lena dunham would write an episode that would have me locked in…

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Only In New York Would Jay-Z Be On The Train…

jay-z takes a quick field trip at canal street?
the mta has the best entertainment.

i know of…
anne hathaway.
lamar odom.
and beyonce (she was doing promo for b’day and rode the b train) was on the train.
you can catch baller wolves of all kinds in soho shopping.
it is nothing to see a celeb going about their business in new york.
we don’t really care honestly and probably wouldn’t recognize them.
well, the pandemonium jay brought when he got on the R to head to the new stadium in BK

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