Only In New York Would Jay-Z Be On The Train…

jay-z takes a quick field trip at canal street?
the mta has the best entertainment.

i know of…
anne hathaway.
lamar odom.
and beyonce (she was doing promo for b’day and rode the b train) was on the train.
you can catch baller wolves of all kinds in soho shopping.
it is nothing to see a celeb going about their business in new york.
we don’t really care honestly and probably wouldn’t recognize them.
well, the pandemonium jay brought when he got on the R to head to the new stadium in BK


i wonder if he felt scared?
i would have felt so claustrophobic.
all those camera phones in his face.
but, of course, he played it off well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Only In New York Would Jay-Z Be On The Train…”

  1. He had “security”. I think he was fine. I wouldn’t do it. I feel claustrophic on the train now and i’m an average negro. I saw Dhani Jones on the L train like a month and half ago. He was the “prototype.” My vixen friend said, (in a low voice as he got off the train),”Yes Gawd, hunty.”

      1. My phone was kinda bootleg so i didn’t get any photos. However the memory of him is still fresh in my memory. perfection from afro 2 toe.

  2. I bet people got off at the stop just to see where he was going or appear to be with him. LOL

    I see celebs in the city all of the time. Many you will not immediately notice because they are not always as “large” and “glam” as they appear on screen.

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