When Your Baller Wolf Asks You To Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement…

jamari fox loves top-notch wolves.

don’t get me wrong.
i like regular wolves too.
tonight this is about wolves that are in the public eye.
the ones i show you that make your dicks hard.
this isn’t for my christians and conservatives.
i don’t fuck with ya’ll.
why you even on here?
secretly, you know you want that life.
if you weren’t so uptight….

i’m going to teach you what the snow foxes know that the black ones dont.
they are about their paper.
point-blank period.
trust, they don’t fuck around when they meet someone in the public eye.
why do you think all the top white actors, directors, and execs’s snow foxes are nicely taken care of?
some are even in the damn will!!!!!
why are they set up in condos and have a career doing something?
i can’t tell you how many white gay foxes in the city that have a lifestyle sponsored.
well one, they know the value of a closed mouth.
two… well, they are about that life.
their life is NOT a basketball wife full of drama.

when you meet a baller wolf,
things can go by fast.
you get swept up in a lifestyle of cars, clothes, and cack.
that is, if you don’t come off like a dick swallowing jump off.
you go from shopping at the bodega to browsing at bergdorfs.
you will learn the difference between armani and tom ford.
you may see a different airport every week.
you’ll wake up to room service and do not disturb signs.
do you know what it is like to fuck on egyptian cotton?
if you are masculine, you will be thrust into the spotlight with him.
you may join him in the club.
you will pop bottles.
you will know what ace of spades taste like.
you will sit in VIP.
you will meet beyonce and rihanna.
dap up jay-z and chris brown.
you will go to the games.
sit in the box seats.

you are:
the assistant.
the stylist.
the publicist.
find a career and learn to do something.
get on his payroll.
do not be “the random guy in the crew”.
strive to be:

^kinda like nicki minaj’s bag carrier.

sound exciting, doesn’t it?

for your silence, he will offer you a good life.
for this good life, he will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
don’t feel offended if he asks you to sign one.
he is protecting his brand.
never sign anything before you fully read it over.
here is the thing…
after this influx of blabber mouths and fame hungry hoes,
no one is safe.
you can’t even trust your best friends.
those are the ones on message boards going incog and telling your baller wolf’s business.
those are also the ones who can’t keep their fucking mouth’s shut.
the ones you call to tell them that you sat first class and ate lobster at a 5 star hotel.
you cannot leave your phone lying around.
your computer should never be left unattended.
nothing is safe.

that. will. get. you. cut. off.

that will also have your reputation trashed.
you will go from “the boo” to “the blacklisted“.
no one will want to fuck with you again.
you now have a taste for the finer things.
that lifestyle you got accustomed to,
you will want that back.
you’ll be downgraded to dope boys and maybe d list.
no one will measure up to that “life” again.

learn to keep your mouth SHUT.

…. and you should also give him a non-disclosure agreement of your own.
you want to also show him you mean business.
he has a team.
you don’t.
you aren’t an idiot who gets fucked on xtube or rude for comments.
you are the fox that will be the best thing that ever came into his life.
you are now a brand.
you won’t be torn to pieces by his spies and publicists.
your agreement should detail that the break up is clean and your reputation will stay in tact.
he will not expose you to any diseases or STDS.
he will NOT even be messy.
if you are bold,
you can ask for some parting cash.
i’m sure if you have a heavy connect,
he will leave you with something.

always remember this: vixens have eggs.
vixens spend years poking holes in condoms to get pregnant by a baller wolf.
they can get paid for 18 years.
you just get skeet on your butt cheeks or face.
we don’t.
our eggs are a business, dog, or a home.
make sure in your non-disclosure agreement that everything is in YOUR name.
make sure your time with your baller wolf is worthwhile.
you are just in control as he is.
think like a snow fox.
set your rules early.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljdzX7a4_Xs]

lowkey: wolves and hybrids need to also follow these rules when meeting a baller fox.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “When Your Baller Wolf Asks You To Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement…”

  1. you will learn the “Difference” ..silly ho.. besides do you even know what a bergdorf goodman is or even seen one in a picture? yall have some nice fantasies though, get in line people living the dream

  2. Just from experience and the experiences from other it’s usually the white wolves that will sponsor a foxes lifestyle for the LONG-TERM and put you on the payroll and let you network with the upper echelon. The minority wolves are fucking with you for a little bit and may sponsor you but ain’t paying for your lifestyle plus they make sure to separate you from their business unless you already are a part of their business. For example, you work at the label, you’re publicist, a stylist, a production assistant, etc. Plus I want more than VIP in a club and ace of spade bottle I have experienced that I do live in NYC. I want somebody who is going to take me to Cannes, have me on a yacht in the Mediterranean, have me in a villa in st. Barts

    1. ^you know what’s funny mind,
      I wrote about white wolves and some were not attracted to them period.
      i will take a white wolf with no issue.
      sadly, they are where the true stacks on stacks lie.

      the issue is being attracted to black wolves and want a lifestyle,
      but realize its a gamble fucking with them.
      everything I wrote about,
      and even what you wrote about can happen,
      BUT the problem is…. the person you meet and what they are willing to spend on you.

      let’s hope for the best, right?

      1. I don’t have a problem with a white wolf I grew up in New England, so race isn’t really a factor for me. I realize that the gay community is pretty segregated. It’s the white gay community and the black gay community which I find to be very weird.

  3. or you can aim higher and date the CEO…

    Ballers/Rappers don’t have long money unless they are established (and smart) with their money.

    I wouldn’t date Drake or Chris Brown etc. They ain’t got real money. Ballers are worst. Rich today, dead broke tomorrow…

    but I might kick it with P Diddy (throws up a little) or maybe even Baby (Young Money). Hell I would fuck Simon Cowell.

    You want somebody who isn’t worth millions of dollars but actually have millions of dollars in his bank accounts.

    If you are going to be ‘kept’. Aim higher then that…

    If you ask me, make your own damn money. Stack your own bread! Most men with money feel like they own you anyway..

    Just my opinion.

    1. ^baller wolves are whoever…


      … anyone with cheese.
      i used public eye as an example since I get the most emails about them.

    2. Diddy, Stevie J, Benny Boom, Baby, The Game, and Dr. Dre are on my hit list.

      I don’t want any money, just the tip and/or the cakes.

      Nasty and wrong, strange but true.

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