who wears short shorts? (iman shumpert wears short shorts)

i feel like teyana taylor can make iman shumpert do anything.
almost anything.
you can tell he’s sprung off her.
she got him to wear these short shorts for her mother’s birthday party…

can we font “thighs“:

i keep fonting i’d watch their sex tape.
i just know they are wild af in the bedroom.

back in the day,
nba baller wolves use to wear short shorts.
did they use to tuck?
i’d imagine you would if you have a really big pipe.
it’s a valid question.
besides being pretty confident in his sexuality,
iman is literally doing a throwback look.

I wonder if they’d ever bring those short short’s back in the NBA?

i’d buy a season pass.
i promise you.

lowkey: i’d try to get my wolf in short shorts.
i also can’t wait to take off the same short shorts…

pictures cc: teyana taylor

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “who wears short shorts? (iman shumpert wears short shorts)”

  1. The Lakers tried to bring it back like 10 years ago. It doesn’t look good cuz every player wears compression shorts under so you see that.

    Iman got some nice legs for sure.

  2. In the old days the athletes wore jockstraps and in sports where there was hard contact (football, soccer, etc.) cups. Now they mainly wear compression shorts/tights or let it flop. Iman is packing so he clearly had some tighties on. He is wearing those shorts out, so thank you Teyana!

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