the headlines about aunt wendy has her on “do not disturb”

aunt wendy is a cancer so i get it.
we are highly sensitive creatures when hurt.
as you know,
aunt wendy has left “that jackal” and is trying to get her life together.
she isn’t as confident as she use to be tho.
she is allowing her “divorce” drama to effect her bag.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “the daily mail“…

It was no laughing matter after all: Wendy Williams’ much-hyped New Jersey comedy show didn’t pan out.

The daytime diva’s show scheduled for Saturday night at New Jersey Performing Arts Center Prudential Hall in Newark has been canceled.

The Emmy-nominated gossip queen was due to host a stop of the multi-city “For The Record … Umm Hmm!” comedy tour show featuring comedians Carmen Barton, Kristen Sivills, Mark Viera and Royale Watkins.

Unfortunately, the goal and purpose of the tour has been sidelined by the headlines,” Oakland-based tour promoter Bay Area Productions said in a statement to the Daily News.

Williams, who has been the subject of gossip, innuendo and scuttlebutt throughout the past year surrounding her unexpected show hiatuses, health challenges and marriage woes, was looking forward to bringing the funny to her home state.

how you gonna name something “for the record”,
but taking certain subjects off the record?
aunt wendy has gotten soft these days.

she didn’t expect this karma to knock as hard as it did.
in her radio days,
i’m sure she would have been slinging the mud.
i think back to all the “get your shit together” advice she gave to others


i think the issue is he broke her tf down.
he legit disrespected her and got some a she-jackal pregnant.
for someone who was so vicious to others in her past,
she certainly is handling this with kid gloves.
i really think he has alleged dirt on her and she’s being extra careful.
“the jackal” has nothing to lose,
but she has everything to lose as well.
what an awful and embarrassing situation to be in.
i found this quote from her very ironic:

“That will always be my family,” she revealed, adding, “And if you’re coming to my comedy and looking for me to throw Kevin Hunter under the bus then stay home. Just stay home.”

it really doesn’t pay to be vindictive to others.
you have to answer for your own sins eventually.

lowkey: and why would she show up to ANYTHING hosted by 50…

didn’t she know he was gonna embarrass her?

article cc: the daily mail

8 thoughts on “the headlines about aunt wendy has her on “do not disturb”

  1. Yup this is the end for her.

    People under the age of 35 have largely forgotten how vicious she was in her radio.

    She’s lucky people have been this kind to her considering how she airs people out.

  2. According to Media Take Out–yeah, I know, consider the source–50 Cent eventually did let her and Kevin Jr. into the party and she was hanging out with Snoop Dogg etc.

    Earlier this year Wendy was joking about Diana Ross getting poked in the crotch at her concert, like WTF? Why is that funny? Why after all you’re going through would you be mocking a legend like Diana Ross. But Wendy can’t help herself.

    On top of all the stuff with her marriage and the addiction situation, Wendy has serious health issues. Her legs are swelling and that lymph problems don’t go away. Those will lay anybody low. It’s one thing when you’re in your 20s and 30s and can cut people to shreds with your tongue and just laugh it all off.

    But when sh!t starts falling apart and you’re 50+ years old, it’s a whole new bag. Wendy is finding that out in the worst way right now.

  3. Bye 50 he’s the rap version of Wendy Williams. When he first debuted he beefed with everyone; Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, and the list goes on. Honestly i think Wendy will be fine she just doesn’t want to deal with the divorce publicly. But i think it’s hypocritical for the public to attack her because WE tuned in to her radio sessions and tv sessions for celebrity gossip. We helped her ratings and etc now we want to say it’s her karma for what she’s done? We created that monster lol You cant help create a monster then when it’s full grown wipe your hands clean of it. Wendy created the lane that many follow now so idk if i feel she deserves condemnation. Wendy says the shit we’ve all been thinking but are afraid to say it due to how we think we’ll be perceived

  4. She’s a nasty bitch and a walking hypocrite for everything she has done to tear down black people and tried to profit. When I was younger, I thought it was hilarious but when I truly grew up and realized the weight of damaging lies and the power of what she was doing, I could no longer in good conscience just go along with it for the laugh. This is her karma. I hope she gets the lesson before her queendom crumbles.

  5. Put a fork in her. she’s done. How can people sit there and listen to her comment on other people’s lives. girl please..

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