“Suffering Succotash: The Art of The Swindle” by Keaton Jones?

i wasn’t moved.
i might be getting heartless or could sense the scheming

so did the foxhole see this video of keaton jones?
he is the bullied snow cub whose mother made this video on fb.
this is what he had to say

well that video of keaton went viral that everyone took notice.
from baller wolves to actors.
even the bae of all snow baes,
“captain america”

that is a few of the responses he got.
someone even raised close to 60k on a “gofundme”:

it took nothing for ya’ll to get to digging.
come to find out

uh huh.
that’s a confederate flag.
oh wait……there’s more.
word in the forests is keaton wasn’t allegedly bullied either.
he allegedly was calling the black cub’s the “n” word.
he might have got his tail kicked,
so the mother allegedly decided to construct this scheme.
it sounds about right.
all of the black cubs getting bullied,
over their skin color and noses,
yet this snow cub gets the red carpet treatment and 58k of coins.

it seemed so random to me too.
i was waiting for the mom director to yell a heavy “CUT”.
i did get a good laugh out of it once it all was revealed.
thank you america for making clownery go viral…
i see we still ain’t learned from the kardashians and the orange one.

lowkey: has the mother even responded to these claims?
don’t get me wrong,
i have a soft spot for those who got/get bullied.
i was one who was bullied myself,
but this video just didn’t seem genuine.
this is just to me.
it could be different to you tho.

check out keaton: gofundme

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on ““Suffering Succotash: The Art of The Swindle” by Keaton Jones?”

  1. This story is wrong in so many ways especially the capping from the Black celebs, but they couldn’t say shit last week about the viral video of the black girl Ashawnty Davis who committed suicide from bullying and she was 10 when she died and her family was trying to raise money. Man, even Draya signed the petition for Keaton but wouldn’t even sign homework for her own son. Even Rhianna (she stay capping for whites, but that’s another thread) was capping, but quickly deleted the story and posted the Ashawnty Davis and Rosalie Avila to her page to save face. This situation has already been resolved and the principal has spoken about not knowing about repeated incidents and that the matter had been resolved weeks ago. This story reminds me of the saying “A little white boy cries, everyone hands him the world. A little black boy cries, everyone says she should have had thicker skin.” Also, when it was being brought out about the white mother racist page from Facebook where the story went viral from, you had Jr. Smith still capping for these people. The more I see our people capping for others, the easier it is for me to understand why we stayed slaves for so long and still support white supremacy. The best thing that came from this story is that some of the donors are rescinding their contributions and people are going in on all the black celebs who posted about this kid and their comments are in shambles.

    Also, if you all would like to know what the mom did before making her pages private was saying various racist thing on her facebook page regarding black people needing to get over slavery, playing victim, Black Lives Matter and taking a knee. There are verified screen shots from her personal facebook, that was public until recently, floating around various online circuits. The only thing inaccurate is the Instagram accounts and the boy supposedly saying the n-word not being verified.

    Also, for the people that do not know what the confederate flag means, here is what the co-creator William Thompson had to say “As a people we are fighting to maintain the heavenly ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause…Such a flag would be a suitable emblem of our young confederacy, and sustained by the brave hearts and strong arms of the south, it would soon take rank among the proudest ensigns of the nations, and be hailed by the civilized world as THE WHITE MAN’S FLAG.”

  2. Welp, in 2018, I BRANDON THOMAS ATKINS will NOT give a damn about celebrities anymore. Im done. How could they’ve not known and i knew this story was fishy and not adding up right! And Snoop Dogg need to sit his burnt sienna brain cells ass down somewhere and J.R. Wallace!

    1. Also, add T.I. to your list, how are they pretending to take up for bullying when, they are some of the biggest bullies calling women hoes, bitches, etc. Bruh, I can’t with these people and they fake b.s.

      1. I never liked Clifford “T.I.P” Harris any goddamn way! His punk ass can have several seats at the cancelled celebrities table and eat over there! Fake ass street thug!

      1. ^i don’t know if it’s celebs,
        it’s everyone.
        a majority of the donors were everyday folks who were moved by nonsense.
        some black folks are the worst because we should know better,
        but it’s not a surprise.
        not for me anyway.

  3. That what y’all asses get. Any real black person from the south know what type person they were cause we see this shit everyday. I know it was black person he was claiming to bully him cause we are the only people who can roast the dog shit out of you.

    1. How about we just stop believing in white people period? We as black people take up everyone else’s issues everyday but nobody goes hard for us. Nobody. People get bullied everyday and it is a serious issue, but as the old folks say, “you get what ya hand calls for” if he indeed called those black kids niggers.

      I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

      1. Look black people usually learn you can’t trust whites at an early age, especially if you’re from the south.

        If their dumb asses want to keep touching the hot stove then by all means…

        I never gave a damn. A white person getting all red and crying don’t move me. They do that shit when throwing your black ass under the bus in adulthood lol

      2. I stop fucking with white people at the age of three. I mature enough to realize that all them bitches was fraud I don’t even fuck with blacks who fuck around with whites. But did y’all here about net neutrality?

  4. Jamari you are me and I am you! *hugs* I was NOT MOVED LMAO! I first saw this contrived ass video down my timeline and kept scrolling. Little did I know, it soon went viral. Why TF are we CHAMPIONING somebody for being a victim?? No shade but people get bullied everyday b! It’s not right but this boy shouldn’t be REWARDED to this degree for being a victim of bullying. WTF is wrong with society?

    These dumb ass “celebs” KILL ME. Jumping on any bandwagon for some cool points. The shit is CORNY as hell. Especially these black celebs. I also found it interesting that many of these celebrities who posted about this pointless ass video were the same folks who were on MUTE when that Libya slave trade went viral. It shows you where folks priorities lie. Jumping ship to save a little white boy crying about bullying in school, society has been so conditioned to kiss up to whites it’s disgusting. It gets to a point where you have to un-condition yourself because this shit is subconcious.

    And who the hell posts a video of somebody crying about being bullied (a private matter) on social media? Oh that’s right, somebody with an agenda. All these idiots ended up with egg on their faces trying to play the good Samaritan. Clowns.

    Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Lebron James, Terry Crews, Nipsey Hussle, TI, Jr Smith, CHRIS BROWN etc. IDIOTS!

    When trying to be a social justice warrior bandwagonner goes wrong. Fact check before publicly standing behind something that you barely know anything about.

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