When Keaton Jones Mama Did Clownery, The Clown Snatched Them Donations

uh huh.
that’s right.
^that’s the face of fear.
it’s a race against the clock foxhole!
there’s an important thing at stake.
you may ask?


ya’ll been asking back for your donations.
kimberly jones,
the mother/hyena to keaton,
is on the morning show circuit.
fuck his schooling!
they allegedly don’t like him there anyway.
get this muhfuckin money!
this is their first interview with “cbs this morning” today…

the only two photos online where i am anywhere near a confederate flag.
it was ironic…
it was funny…”

i guess her status message on fb was “ironic and funny” too?
the one that accompanied those leaked pictures.

and this gem:

“i’ve spent most of my life…
being bullied and judged…
because i wasn’t racist..”

even more at “gma”:

someone come get joanne up and outta here!
i’m insulted that this is her defense.
that sad part is many blacks don’t have this luxury.
we can’t scheme and scam our way to morning tv.
they love to dig up our overdue bills to use against us.
remember how they did tamir rice’s family?
even better,
blacks are told to toughen up if we even speak about bullying.
everything in our community is:

“you need thick skin”
“you need to toughen up”

black males can’t be emotional or express our hurt because it’s “gay”.
it’s really fuckin’ ridiculous.
too bad for the jones family,
their donations box has been closed:

the good news is keaton brought awareness to ashawnty davis:

uh huh.
see when you do clownery…


lowkey: i hope they investigate keaton’s case truly before they release those funds.
it should be cancelled entirely.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “When Keaton Jones Mama Did Clownery, The Clown Snatched Them Donations

  1. I am down with this family, although I do feel bad for children when they are involved. The great this that came of this that Ashawty ground me had less than 10,000 in donations less than 24 hours ago. Also, some people are lying about Ashawty story now going viral or being broadcasted nationally.

      1. Autocorrect

        Down = done
        This = thing
        *is goes between this and that on the third line
        Ground = gofundme

        Also, Ashawty story was previously shared on social media and broadcasted on the major networks before this week.

  2. FUCK THESE PICKLE NOSE HUNCHBACK LOOK BITCHES. Black people going to learn to stop let these white people finesses the fuck out y’all. How you going set awareness for a white child but you can’t set a foundation for your BLACK CHILD WTF. Also did y’all see how all these fraud ass celebrity had to get drag just to post about this young black child?

    I another thing I want to know how 10 year old child know how to hang herself where she learn that shit at.

    1. They are being exposed earlier to junk than we were growing up and being required to mature at a faster rate. Also, I noticed autocorrect got you like me in my previous post.

  3. Hey guys, I´m not really familiar with Gofundme so does this mean that theyre not getting their money because I heard the gofundme pages were frozen. Can donors rescind their donations? I really hope so, it would be a tragedy if this family gets any money. If HE gets money for crying about bullying, I want to see ALL children get the same support, ESPECIALLY children who come from difficult backgrounds or are underpriviliged. Im just not seeing why HES so special just because the mom videotaped him. LGBT, blacks, muslims and latinos have been seriously victimized by bullying not only from children, but from society in general, and even the government in some of these cases, where´s OUR compensation?

    1. Dignified,

      The donors are able to get their funds back and their is a link on the gofundme page that you can go to and someone posted on one of the social media sites to request a return of funds. Also, the donations were originally close to 59K, but some of the members requested a return of funds dropping it near 55K as of yesterday. Also, I am sure you know why the other groups don’t get as much support as Kee.

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