I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (83)

*parental advisory.
explicit content aka yo mama ain’t gonna want you watching this

so ya’ll taking these “dares” a little too serious nowadays.
a foxholer sent me a video of two wolves that were “dared” to get a burrito.
they had to get the burrito naked.
uh huh…

after ya’ll lambasted that other wolf,
the one in the jock strap in a past entry,
i learned about a thing called “indecent exposure”.
i learned that can put your tail in jail with the quickness.
not only that,
but allegedly have you registered as a sex offender too.
someone gonna be “the example” soon enough.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (83)”

  1. I’ll allow the first one. He got nice cakes lol

    On another note: Let’s let that “this validates the negative stereotypes they think about us” line of thinking die in 2018. Stereotypes regarding our uncontrollable sexualities, criminal proclivities, and laziness abound despite all the evidence to the contrary. “They” will keep telling themselves that to ease their own racist consciences. Respectability didn’t save us during the Civil Rights era and it won’t now.

    That said, I agree that they should be more mindful of the legal consequences and I get why we cringe a little harder when it’s one of our own instead of the myriad naked white “pranksters”. I just want us to be mindful that that concern should have nothing to do with looking good for the white folks on behalf of the entire black community.

  2. But WHY would you bail them out though? I don’t get that?

    They are in a environment that could have children or whoever around & they KNOW they are not supposed to be doing what they are doing in that environment and they are willing doing it, so why bail them out if what they are doing is wrong?

    The definition of a weed is “Any plant which is out of place”, so any flower at all, no matter how beautiful, becomes a weed in the wrong location.

    1. I was being sarcastic and you are correct about there possibly being children around, but why do we allow commercials and movies that “children” may see with nudity scenes PG and PG-13? Whether it is a butt or penis, they are both considered nudity and our people receive more flack from us than the others that perform these acts. I guess since I don’t live my life for white validation or others it don’t bother or affect me by what they think. These guys were just having fun and if they have to suffer the consequences then it is on them for the choices they made. Also, I am sure the crime and action movies children see would have more of an affect on children than nudity of another person.

      1. I kinda get where you are coming from and agree on several points it’s just that this kind of thing could get worse. Not too be sounding like Im the uptight Foxhole bitch or anything I was just saying that if they get branded as sexual offenders that is something that will stick with them for a long while.

        I don’t want my kids seeing that and thinking it’s okay and go to school with clothes on and I get a call saying Rodney running around in the cafeteria with his hotdog out.

        I do sound a bit over cautious but that one mistake can cost them a lot. I think some things are better left private or at least in a more confined area.

        I also think this kinda stuff is also a bad look on the business. They not thinking about how that will affect the company or how the company will clap-back.

        Anywho, I do agree about the films. The world is becoming so desensitized. It will get to the point where seeing someone’s brains getting blown out in person gets an, “Is that all?”

  3. SMH. What people do for attention these days. I’m waiting on the video of one of them being carried away just like that in handcuffs. That sh*t ain’t cute. There could be children around and everyone ain’t trying to see some grown naked dude running around in public like he on bath salts.

    I’d call the cops. I don’t want my daughter or even my son seeing anything like this.

    1. And before we comment oh how fine they bodies are…we need to think about how most folks already have a negative perception of black men anyway and you have idiots like this in public doing something that is tempting the police..(even if this is an old vid.)

      1. Jammy,

        I got their bail money if they need me and speak for yourself. We need to stop allowing college educated people to continue to make and use stereotypes against us.

      2. Wasn’t impressed with the bodies or packages…but if that was me, I would’ve left the establishment.
        That is just nasty. You bringing your buck naked ass into a place where food is sold/prepared. Nah…I’m good.

        Reminds me of the time this guy tried to bring his dog into the supermarket. This was before the war and service animals were common. He made such a commotion and threatened to come back and teach the manager a lesson because they wouldn’t let him bring the dog into the store.

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