Omarosa Is On The Curb With A Boot Print On Her Tail

when they said this was the “year of karma”,
they definitely wasn’t lying.
what’s next year?
“the year of retribution”?
so omarosa got her “national negress wake up call” today.
she got allegedly canned from her position of…
whatever it is she was supposed to be doing for the orange one.
a foxholer sent me the story via ny daily news

Omarosa Manigault Newman just couldn’t accept the fact that she was being fired — again.

The former “The Apprentice” contestant turned political aide threw a tantrum in the White House and demanded she be allowed to speak with President Trump on Wednesday as chief of staff John Kelly gave her the boot, sources told the Daily News.

“General Kelly didn’t allow her to speak to him. That’s why she was cursing and threatening,” according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Manigault Newman was then unceremoniously escorted from the West Wing.

“It got physical and she had to be removed,” the source said.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders painted Manigault Newman’s end in more magnanimous terms, telling reporters that her resignation will be effective Jan. 20, one year since President Trump’s inauguration.

Manigault Newman’s departure from the Trump administration has been rumored since September — following a string of controversies that mirror her former reality TV antics.

A month earlier, the 43-year-old endured a chaotic trip to the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in New Orleans.

An appearance at an event during the convention was described as confrontational and hectic as she aggressively insisted reporters “Ask me a question about me,” while sidestepping inquiries about the administration.

The two-time “Apprentice” villain turned senior White House official also ruffled feathers when she reportedly brought members of her 39-person bridal party to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an extended wedding photo shoot.

The unannounced April visit to the White House — with Manigault Newman in full bridal gear — caught fellow senior aides and some security officials by surprise.

She married Pastor John Allen Newman later that month in a small ceremony at the post office turned hotel blocks from the White House and owned by her boss.

Sources told the Daily News in September that Kelly was unhappy with Manigault Newman’s influence on the President and her ability to get him worked up over hot topics.

Kelly cited a litany of reasons, including Manigault Newman not getting along with the new head of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, for her dismissal.

Manigault Newman “acted very vulgar and cursed a lot and said she helped elect President Trump,” sources told American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan.

And she said, ‘I brought the black vote.’ General Kelly said, ‘no, you did not. It’s not there,’” Ryan told CNN.

Manigault Newman then tried to enter the residence area of the White House and had to be escorted from the building, Ryan said.

i cannot believe she left out of there so…
i can see it tho.
how could i forget that she is a real demon:

i’m shocked no one has dragged her across a concrete yet.
all that and to be escorted out like common trash.

Was it really worth it?

it sure wasn’t.
i never understood why folks enjoy being so nasty.
while they think they’re winning,
they are creating silent enemies.
they’ll see those same folks on the way down.
april d ryan,
omarosa’s ex friend/white house correspondent,
had the pleasure of breaking the story today:

…and then they all got together to cut up on cnn:

i just choked.
“you will never win playing dirty”.
her attitude is in need of a good cleaning.
oh good news,
the orange one put together a special tweet for her:

not even an “@”?
we still got a couple weeks left in december.
who next?

lowkey: i hope omarosa doesn’t think she is invited back to the cookout?
siberia awaits!
this took me out tho:


article cc: ny daily news
tweets: april d ryan

7 thoughts on “Omarosa Is On The Curb With A Boot Print On Her Tail

  1. Well, she’s making the rounds and saying that she RESIGNED, and wasn’t fired.
    Save face baby girl! LOL

  2. Oh look a other black who got finesse by the whites. The girl done fuck up her whole life for this man she better hope her marriage last cause the way her life going it going to disappear in a blank of a eye.

  3. Looks like she went full negro on her way out too lmao! What goes up must come down as they say. I’m really dying at the fact she pulled up to the white house and had an impromptu bridal shoot. If it was anybody but her I would give her some applause cause that was black af. But all it does is show how much of a circus our government is. But in the words of Mo’Nique when you do clownery the clown comes back to bite

      1. Most believe that she will be the Flynn of 2018 minus the crimes, or maybe with more crimes.

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