All He Did Was Date Her, Be Respectful, and He Got A Reward

it’s hard to go meet the bae’s parents and family.
sometimes it works out and they like you.
other times,
they are secretly plotting your demise.
well ^that young wolf,
who goes by chris hunter,
was approved by his bae’s fam.
this is the bae:

her name is madison.
so much so,
they got him…

the young wolf secured the bag.
now i know what some of you are thinking.
i won’t repeat the first thought in your mind,
but this is one i think you’re thinking:

“What did he do to get a whole car?”

according to the person responsible behind the car on twitter:

“he treats madison and her family with respect,
he’s fun to be around…”

did they sign everything over to chris?

God forbid this doesn’t work out,
does he have to give back the car?
well i’m trying not to judge
…although i’m bad at it,
but if this checks out sincere then i’ll allow it.
not many times you get a whole car from your s/o family.
he must be something special.
if he is treating her right,
then they lucked up.
not every wolf a vixen brings home gets approved by the parents.
a feel good hallmark story?
this is the video when he got the car:

congrats to chris!

lowkey: i wonder what his parents thought?

check their twitter pages: his | her

12 thoughts on “All He Did Was Date Her, Be Respectful, and He Got A Reward

  1. Why is it that it seems like white females get the best blk men and blk women are left with trash?

  2. Jamari, hun, it’s nothing more than a tax write-off. White folks love to do that mess to jump between tax brackets when tax time comes around. It’s just a ploy to make themselves look like their being this white savior when it’s all really just self-interested.

  3. Here’s where upbringing and pride comes into play.

    My black ass parents would NEVER, EVER allow me to accept a gift like that from anyone, much less a white person.

    This is how fuck boys are created. He gets a car for being a nice young man and fun to be around?

    I talk plenty of shit about marrying rich, but that’s just abstract fantasy talk because I was raised to always be self sufficient and rely on work ethic to accomplish things.

    1. ^im waiting to hear if the parents knew this was happening.
      did they give the okay?
      has Madison met his family and what are they’re thoughts on her?

  4. He better make sure to keep being good to her to stay around, and there will be a lot more where that came from for sure.

  5. The car was a hoopty, but a nice gesture. But don’t act like y’all got him a new car. Shout out to the Get Out reference at the end🤣😂🤣😂

    1. Hoopty? The kid had NO vehicle! As young as he is, he’s obviously still MUCH BRIGHTER than YOU, ’cause HE knows that a raggedy RIDE beats a dressed up WALK!

  6. That’s quite the gift to accept for someone who isn’t married or has kids. I’d be very nervous accepting a gift like that. I’m sure it’s not “his his”, just as long as they’re dating I’m sure. If not, I’d be even more worried if and when things don’t work out. People are on one these days.

  7. Jamari,
    As a 33 year old (December 6), I don’t know about this one. Like I really don’t know. I mean if he is respectful, then fine. I don’t know. I would keep my eye on this one.

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