Tremaine Neverson’s Stocking is Stuffed With Meat

is still everything to me.
tremaine must have known i needed a “pick me up” after today.
he posted this for the gram…

jesus be condoms and a night of “i can’t take it anymore”.
i don’t know if i like braids on him now tho.
i did when he reincarnated them doing this:

…but he had the whole jail bawdy thing going on.
i think he is so sexy when his fro is well oiled and maintained.
he should try an afro taper.
keep the hair but taper the sides.

or maybe a low side parted taper:

that would be a treat.
something other than braids.
that’s going backwards for his brand.
i’ll continue to allow tremaine,
but i need him to allow a good r&b record in creation process.
one where he isn’t rapping or trying to “stick his musical dick in you”.
leave that to “one long song” chris brown.

lowkey: i need tremaine to stop ack’ like a fool out here too.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Tremaine Neverson’s Stocking is Stuffed With Meat

      1. LOL. I’m gonna agree with you…the braids/cornrows DO NOT need to make a comeback

        And yeah he needs to make a legit R&B album. Leave that sex shyt behind, or taper it down some.
        We know you like to fuck. I’m sure he got a legit multi-platinum, album-of-the-year in him.

        Maybe he needs his heart broken or something. That seems to bring out the best material in artists!

      2. @Christian I think his time has passed tbh. When he came on to the scene at least a decade ago the R&B genre was dying so if he was going to be any bogger than he is now, that was his time. He’s plateauing and I don’t see things getting better for him. I don’t think he’s capable of going outside the sex niche, I think that’s his only lane tbh.

        Agree with you and Jamari, braids need to go.

      3. @Dignified…I’m not a big Trey Songz fan. He’s had a few songs that I like. I do agree that his time may have passed, but I think if he took a page out of many artists book and changed it up a little, he might have that extraordinary breakout album he’s been wanting for so long.

        As long as he stays “true to his art” the trap/sex music, it’s not gonna happen. When you get repetitive and people can generally get a feel for what you’re releasing…you’re pretty much done.

        I wish him luck.

  1. Lord, forgive me for I sinneth in thy Foxhole on thy post. If there is any man that I STILL lust over, it is him. IDGAF if someone says he ain’t cute or he ain’t they cup of tea…Pass the mug bytch, I’ll drink it! He the type of dude that walk in the room and my clothes just fall off like rose petals.

    He can sing…. Wait, let me stop lying…I really don’t even listen to his music, I just want that pipe, period. If that gives me a nom for BEST THOT POST Dedicated To A Struggling R&B Singer today…so be it. I will take that Oscar and I will rock that mic with pride!

    He has such a handsome face to me and I love how dorky he looked in High School. Something about him that I like outside of his typical lean body tho and cute face. It definitely ain’t them Flava Flav braids he be rockin though. If he gets an afro taper…My Lord…*fans self*

    Let me get back to cleaning up..This don got me all hot and bothered and speaking in tongues…I rebuke this lust post in his name…I will not… I REPEAT, I will not give into this temptation…

    but that pipe shole’ do look right tho. Let right click this image real quick…

    You wrong fa that Jamari….you wrong…

  2. Trey know he fine. And I believe his team push him to sing about sex because that’s what’s marketable for him unfortunately.

    Has anybody else noticed that BLACK MEN who want to break mainstream in “R&B/singing” have to be hypersexual and crude? While whites and ambiguous folks like Bruno Mars, Sam Smith & Justin Bieber get to sing with clean lyrics and be accepted smh. This shit isn’t a coincidence.

    These labels mainly push “rapper singing” black men these days who will either sing about drugs/drinking (The Weeknd) or be a sexed up robot (Chris Brown, Trey Songz etc.)

    I mean you have exceptions who broke mainstream like Khalid (who I’m so happy for) who actually SINGS and isn’t all explicit and whorish, but I feel like he gets away with it because he is quite chubby so he doesn’t have the sex appeal that is marketable with black men. But thankfully Khalid actually is talented and makes great music

    Even black females usually have to sex it up to get some attention.. (Bey, Rih, SZA etc.) whilst their other counterparts aren’t as raw with their lyrics (Taylor, Katy Perry etc.)

    Sex sells with everyone but I’m just saying it’s usually black artists who are the most hypersexual

    Again, there are exceptions. But it’s just a general statement in what I’ve noticed & it has become normalized so much that I feel like it’s become expected of black artists to be like that.

    Don’t get me started on female rappers either.. Ever since the emergence of Nicki Minaj it seems like she has moulded this expectation that labels hold dearly where in order for a woman to break mainstream in rap she has to dumb down her lyrics, have an unrealistic surgically enhanced body and pretty much be a blow-up sex doll. Look at the most recent women who have achieved the most success as of late after her (Cardi B & Iggy). That says a lot.

    Many genres in music are just being messed with at this point

      1. Lil Kim was one of the pioneers of the sexy rapper girl. But there was still variety at her time. Missy wasn’t hypersexual. Lauryn Hill wasn’t hypersexual. Hell Remy Ma wasn’t either at her start.

        I will say Lil Kim brought the emergence of the hypersexual rappers who gained some form of notoriety (Trina, Eve, Khia etc.) but that wasn’t the sole mould for the female rapper.

        Ever since nicki blew up, women cannot go mainstream in rap unless they have a stripper body and rap about getting fucked all the time. That’s why I brought nicki up. Because now it seems like there’s only one mould. I remember Azealia banks talking about this when she was criticizing Cardi B

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