It’s The Most Wonderful Terrorist Attack of The Year! (Fa La La La La Laaaaa La La)


that was all that was going through my mind this morning.
right after my home-wolf texted me with…


way to break the news to a fox who didn’t have breakfast yet.
i hit google and twitter to find out what was going on.

“a dumb ass set off a pipe bomb…
dozens injured…
expect to be screwed on your way into work pineapples!…”

that meant i’d be stuck in a damn tunnel for over an hour trying to get into work.
im getting desensitized to all of it now.
i really wanted to turn my tail around and go home.
i sent my boss a text super early:

“so i hear they are bombin down at port authority…”

just like that.
i didn’t sleep at all last night,
so you know the moody was a high key,
and i really didn’t feel like dealing with that shit.
it was like no one knew what was happening tho.
since my career is that of “in the know”,
i try to make sure i’m informed with the goings on.
all the folks on my platform just thought it was some delay.

the train down there moved to a snail’s pace.
and then stopping for long periods.
the attitudes quickly started to shine through.

eye rolls
teeth suckin
huffin’ and a puffin’

new yawkers don’t “do” waiting.
when we got somewhere to be,
we need to get there lickety-fuckin’-split.

terrorist or no terrorist.

when i finally got to my stop,
i took a cool walk to my office.
my boss texted and said she was still stuck in the tunnel.
i didn’t mention where i was.

waiting for my breakfast at dunkin donuts,
that’s where

the day was quiet.
everyone wasn’t really scared,
but moreso wondering how the commute would be on the way home.
that was my thoughts as well.
i’m not trying to be on the train for 2 hours because they can’t get their shit together.
i ended up getting home smoothly tonight.
thus ends another drama filled and anti climatic day in new yawk.
what other nonsense awaits us?
we shall soon find out.

lowkey: the perfect example of ( x how new yawkers handled this morning ).

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “It’s The Most Wonderful Terrorist Attack of The Year! (Fa La La La La Laaaaa La La)”

  1. You are right about New Yorkers though! They are on THE MOVE! Seriously, I think people have become desensitized to any sort of violence now. I mean, people were already desensitized to black people being murdered (joke); however, so many people have come to expect violence. It’s just a matter of when and where.

    1. In NY it’s always something. People getting shot, stabbed, pushed in front of trains, cars, buses, etc.
      Then you have people looking to make an example of us again, doing their best to make a statement…but it’s getting harder for them to accomplish it. And people are becoming desensitized to it…but not too desensitized to beat yo ass if your attempt fails! LOL

  2. Damn this is too much, when I came to NYC last year, I was nervous as hell being in the Subway and all types of things were running thru my mind, thinking how the hell could someone escape if something was to happen. My only mishap was getting stuck during construction. Right before I came last time, a bomb had went off in I think the Chelsea neighborhood so my anxiety was already high. Well Low and Behold, I am planning on coming back in 2018 and I just got this feeling should I cancel, thinking this may be a preview of whats to come. I can not imagine the feeling of being a resident of this city having to contend with this type of thing all the time. Stay safe Bro.

    1. ^thanks t.
      that’s just new yawk for ya.
      there is always something going on here.
      i think new yawkers have been desensitized since 9/11 and other bombings/threats.
      we gotta keep moving and make sure we safe.
      you gotta be quick on your toes out here so i think we learned to adapt and have attitudes when shit goes left lol

      i say visit.
      anything can happen anywhere.

  3. Well it’s nice to know the first thing that came to your mind was I’m going to be late to work considering the fact that others failed to get to work because THEY DIED!!! what is really happening to us as human beings it’s almost as if we’re losing our sense of humanity. Nothing on this earth is more valuable than life, your health and your soul not even that so called job you were worried about getting too. Ps I’m not hating but I felt like this needed to be said as I saw no mention or consideration to the actual terror victims themselves.

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