All He Did Was Date Her, Be Respectful, and He Got A Reward

it’s hard to go meet the bae’s parents and family.
sometimes it works out and they like you.
other times,
they are secretly plotting your demise.
well ^that young wolf,
who goes by chris hunter,
was approved by his bae’s fam.
this is the bae:

her name is madison.
so much so,
they got him…
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The Desperate Gun Slingin’ Housewife

Cl1ZZyiVYAEKi-dwell she looks crazy.
this sounded like an episode of “desperate housewives”.
so christy sheats,
who use to reside in texas,
decided to give her hubby a birthday present he will never forget.
she killed their daughters right in front of him.
this is the story via the daily mail
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tumblr_mzvgbbIBiQ1tpqd4ao2_500so who saw american horror story: coven last night?
*raises hand*
now who liked madison getting her ass tagged by misty?
*raises both hands*
well godonmars from tumblr wanted to enhance that epic beat down.
he mixed it with sharkeshia and well…
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I Wonder What Zombie Dick Is Like?

tumblr_mwmq54id4E1suhvg6o1_500last night i sorta fell asleep.
i ended up missing american horror story: coven.
i know.
“um, loser much?”
i was pretty busy the first part of the morning,
but i just watched last night’s episode.
and all i have to say is:


i won’t give it away,
but i knew madison and frankenpipe were going to make a love connect!

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