I Wonder What Zombie Dick Is Like?

tumblr_mwmq54id4E1suhvg6o1_500last night i sorta fell asleep.
i ended up missing american horror story: coven.
i know.
“um, loser much?”
i was pretty busy the first part of the morning,
but i just watched last night’s episode.
and all i have to say is:


i won’t give it away,
but i knew madison and frankenpipe were going to make a love connect!

tumblr_mwmmszz1dC1rbvhreo1_250 tumblr_mwmmszz1dC1rbvhreo2_250 tumblr_mwmmszz1dC1rbvhreo3_250 tumblr_mwmmszz1dC1rbvhreo4_250…and who knew it would be her getting banged out on a cabinet.
upon the first meeting as zombies i might add.
i wonder if he shoots cum?
maggots, maybe?
i know zoe must have been pissssssssssssed.
anyway watch the full episode:

x here


lowkey: don’t even get me started on that 2 week return.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “I Wonder What Zombie Dick Is Like?”

  1. If only that scene was longer. For some reason I find Evan peters attractive, even though he is no where near my type. Sex scenes are usually stiff, but he kept me in awe.

    1. Yes i noticed too. His thighs are kinda thick. Seeing him naked from behind showed him in a different light. lol. Angela’s monologue in that chair is one of my favorite things this season.

  2. Zombie dick is no good!!! You haven’t received some wolf dick and he was like a dead empty fish?! No passion behind any of the strokes!….Yeah that’s zombie dick! And I surprised it would be like that since he was handsome, really nice body and a huge dick! I told him to stop and left! He didn’t see that coming. Why do some guys think there looks his all they need? Nigga when you in this good pussy u needs to be putting in work! All that huge dick…and its was dead like a zombie.

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