Guess Who Colin Kaepernick Maybe Banging This Week?

tumblr_mr8p5erlZF1s3xkxjo1_500no no no.
it ain’t me.

well it wouldn’t be reported period.

anyway our favorite baller wolf exxxotical,
colin kaepernick,
has allegedly hooked up with none other than…
Teyana-Taylorshe tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.44.05 PM…and according to necole bitchie:

Last month, the sexy, tattooed up 49ers star had the internet buzzing with rumors that he was dating actress Sanaa Lathan after he posted a photo of the two to his Instagram, but it looks as though he may have his eyes set out on another young star. Last night, a singer/rapper/actress tweeted that she was hopping on a plane, and hours later Instagrammed herself wearing a cleavage-bearing bra top while lying on Colin’s couch.

you be the judge:

tumblr_inline_mwfur7oBD11r3st38i mean….
id ride that exxxotical just to put him on my trophy case.

colinktrophyif this is true,
she needs to realize colin is a “super size ha’h/one nights ha’h” type of booty call tho.
you know she likes to get attached.

lowkey: for someone who shouted to the roof tops rihanna was industry puss…
well i’ll just leave it like that.
go tt!
get that kaepernick peepee!
dick reports are welcomed.
wait isn’t she a virgin?

article found: necole bitchie

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Guess Who Colin Kaepernick Maybe Banging This Week?”


  2. Her instagramming herself on the couch is like a cat pissing to mark it’s territory.Damn though Colin, no need to whore yourself out so quickly.Learn from past players.You won’t be as desired if you give up the dick so much especially so quickly.Take it slow and save some for your wife or else she won’t be getting anything special but your company.

  3. all a publicity stunt …… all of a sudden he is all over Instagram with different women the last month.

    wots is there is a cell video making rounds in NFL circles showing CK on the “bottom of things” in a hotel room before the Cardinals game!

      1. Well, third, he must not be getting any right now because he hasn’t played well lately IMO. I’m open to giving him some pipe, it’s gonna hurt but I can give him some. Oh shit, he’ll be somewhere in the DC area for the weekend guys because they play the skins. Hit up every hotel in the area. If I personally knew him, I def. be digging in that ass this weekend lol.

  4. I love Teyana, that’s my boo. He should wife that, she’s a nice girl. Yea, I said it.

    I don’t think anything happened between them. Plus, isn’t she still a virgin? No. Brandon Jennings didn’t get it. People are so quick to jump to conclusions, it just irks me man. Can’t she lay on his couch? DAMN. Laying on his couch doesn’t make her a hoe. I can relate because I know how it feels to be looked down upon just because you are sexual.

    1. no producing the video not my style. I viewed it last nite at the falcons game on the phone of a former player now TV/Radio guy. It will not see the light of day on the blogs the dudes viewing it don’t forward it to the “peanuts” of the world.

      BTW it would be bland by porno standards ….

        1. ^welcome Starks!
          thanks for the comment.
          shit frat bois are sexy as hell.
          i’ll drop me all for colin tho.
          although he needs to work on his “hit it/quit it” lifestyle.

  5. Well girlfriend got her crabby waxed for good . Bless her sweet little cunny. Good for you Colin. You can get any crabby you want so go for it.

  6. I see this chick all the time but have no idea what exactly she does. I heard no music, seen no videos, but she is always at all the parties. I guess she is just living that life. Good for her for bagging her a Baller.

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