tumblr_mzvgbbIBiQ1tpqd4ao2_500so who saw american horror story: coven last night?
*raises hand*
now who liked madison getting her ass tagged by misty?
*raises both hands*
well godonmars from tumblr wanted to enhance that epic beat down.
he mixed it with sharkeshia and well…

gros-lolshe slapped the disrespect out that chick.
i was screaming.
good job on the mash up godonmars!
you made it even better.

source: godonmars

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “AHS COVEN x SHARKEISHA (The Mashup)”

  1. Yeah, she was beating that ass.

    Dude, this show has such weird random humor.I cracked up when I saw Angela getting cut up by Kathy and she tried to kick her with half a leg.I also laughed at the scene from the previous episode when Angela slapped Kathy’s ass.

    I know something big is gonna happen in the finale.I thought it was weird that Fiona didn’t use her telekinesis on the axe man when he grabbed the back of her head.She ain’t dead yet.Cordelia’s vision will probably come true.

  2. yip i mean it was a good end to a slow start , i mean queenie going to hell and stabbing delphine once it was alittle anti-climatic for me. so get Madison get the bitch, slapped out of her was welcomed

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