MEAT: (518)

acL1JFhjustin bieber’s singer friend,
who also went to jail.
never heard of him,
but you know i like em dumb and pretty.
here is a video of his…

just look dumb and pretty.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “MEAT: (518)”

  1. Dude, Justin B has all the damn wolves in his pack.All he does is hang around dudes that range from cute to sexy.Speaking of wolves.Where are all the NBA wolves Justin was hanging with?I guess he was good enough to pose in pics with but now that his popularity is declining, they’ll all drop him like a bad habit.

    Seeing all these wolves makes me think that there may be some truth to what you guys tease around here.Justin’s ass-hole must be non-existent with all the pipe he’s getting.

    1. ^RIGHT!!!!!!!!
      i remember watching something with justin bieber a year or two ago,
      before he became a “thug”.
      well he was really awkward and his manager said that he doesnt like to go out,
      nor does he have any friends,
      he just stays to himself and works on his music.
      suddenly he is this with these fine black wolves?
      lemme find out the entertainment industry has its own “jack’d”?

  2. That boi Khalil, I know who he is. I always was attracted to him, but he is a dummy. I’d use my manipulate ways to get him. Yea, I am down for getting in a dude’s mind to get him into bed so what?

    I bet those industry moguls are feeling those youngins lol. “You don’t get a career until I get that ass. You got to give a lot to get a little.” You read that right. Giving up ass everyday for 6 months and don’t even have a single out lol.

    I heard Justin Bieber’s dad was there during the drag race, some father.

  3. Why does this look like porn star Trappboy little brother. He is a cutie though. I guess the Bierber has a type, cute boyish looking light brown skin Black men.

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