Look At These Black Kangs With Their Queens At The Black Panther Premiere

so i clearly missed these images from the “black panther” premiere.
i was too busy overdosing in all the melanin.
so david oyelowo and mike colter brought their queens.

i didn’t know luke cage was married to a snow bunny.
i wonder if they felt uncomfortable?
you know the eyes of judgment were upon them.i mean,
they had to go to show support to their husbands for the culture.
they couldn’t leave them home.
i’m sure some of ya’ll would have been okay with that.
i guess i can appreciate that they don’t hide them like others do.

lowkey: speaking of something else i’m now seeing…

mike’s pecs are ripe.
i can understand.
this is a teachable moment tho.
how many times have you forgotten ya’ll was “in public” together?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Look At These Black Kangs With Their Queens At The Black Panther Premiere”

  1. Lmao!! Not leave them at home. Now, their wives deserve to be there to support their husbands.😂 I mean if they wanted to leave them at home…I mean…Can’t be helped..😂

    I’m low-key diggin their clothes though. The lady in the first pic is giving me Woke High School Humanities Teacher vibes!

    I doubt they felt uncomfortable. Them fat paychecks giving them all the cushion they need.

  2. I’m heading straight to social media to read the dragging. Am i judging? Hell yea. Its a free country; they can be with whomever they want but I’m still gonna find it funny that even in this seminal black ass moment, black men still showing up with white women on their arms.

    And yes, I know they were with their wives before the movie but I said what I said lol.

  3. *takes a hit of hooka* NEXT! As Kanye West would say in “Gold Digger”, “…….when he get on he’ll leave your ass for a white girl.” Jamari, I love you, but hunty, you know this is ain’t new for successful black wolves to get with white vixens. I mean c’mon, this is common practice in hollyweird. These black wolves who speak about the ills of black men and women are the MAIN “koons” who buckdance, shuck and jive, and even do something strange for coins all day and everyday. I’ve cancelled Hollyweird and also BLAHKE HOLLYWEIRD since Harvey Weinstein and also the exposure of their deep dark secrets. The word “Black” will be spelled “Blahke” because it’s now opaque to me and forever will be opaque to me! Some people of color should stop while they’re ahead because their path to blackness is very tunnel vision and not widespread. Sure we can celebrate black excellence, but not at the expense of someone who really deserves it. I honestly don’t even know who really deserves it nowadays because everyone is just participating for coin. So with that said, let them have fun with their “Black Panther” movie because that could be the ONLY gig that they’ll get for right now. Thank you and good night.

    Brandon T.

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