Look At These Black Kangs With Their Queens At The Black Panther Premiere

so i clearly missed these images from the “black panther” premiere.
i was too busy overdosing in all the melanin.
so david oyelowo and mike colter brought their queens.
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Guys Who Have Girlfriends But Secretly Like Guys Want To Smash Me

tumblr_lllv0vvHGa1qawkezo1_500i never meet single wolves.
well not ones i’m actually attracted to.
i always meet a wolf who has a vixen.
girlfriend or married.
never fails.
sometimes a wolf who already has a fox on rare occasions.
they always turn out to be sexy as hell and charming as fuck.
aaahhh who am i kidding?
they just want to fuck me stupid and go home to read bedtime stories.
damn cheatin’ bastids.
i was on the way home tonight,
after my home girl wanted to treat me to dinner,
and in walks this couple on the train.
i was looking at my phone,
but when i looked up,
i happen to catch eye contact with wolf.
he was looking at me,
looked off,
but then continued looking.
that move.
they sat a little across from me.
he was attractive.
nice ass.
had this dorky vibe to him tho.
the vixen looked good.
i was moreso looking at her.
she looked like a dancer or something.
definitely had this exxxotical thing going on.
is it love or the love of his money?
she was kissing him and all this extra shit.
didn’t stop him from looking in my direction tho.
when she looked away or looked at her phone,
he found ways to catch my eye contact skillfully.
he did all the way until their stop.
these vixens let all this d/l shit fly over their heads.
i wonder if he’ll go home and fuck her thinking about me?
that lowkey kinda turns me on.
lawd that was wrong.
ah well.
yeah i must have “available whore” written on my forehead.

tumblr_ku5cgvLlRC1qzwrk6o1_400too bad i’m not a whore tho.
well not a blatant one.
triflin’ whores definitely have more fun.