How A Good Massage Can Leave You With A Mouthful

*the following entry is rated m for mature.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

“i need a massage” = “i need pussy”
it’s the oldest trick in the book.
after a crazy work out,
most males are usually horny af.
what better way to demolish a pussy is after a massage.
i see how some of these vixens get to munching on a wolf groceries tho…

am i the only one who starts off with bunz first during a massage?
you see how the tail started raising up for her?
she had a mouth full of wolf tail and then a main course of meat.
if you can get some of us males comfortable enough,
you can get us to do anything sexually.
some are open to it quickly; others it takes time.
let them fuck your brains out a few times before you introduce new shit.

“oh shit baby…!!
oh my God!

i want to eat your ass!!
you gon’ let me?!”

foxes know.
the best ones to turn out are usually the dl and discreet.
why do you think they cum to us?
most males are dying to unleash their inner freaks.
we might be opposed to it in public,
but in the bedroom

there are definitely levels to it.

lowkey: as always,
don’t be out here putting your mouth on every male hole.
the down side?
most of these straights don’t know how to clean their holes.
( x learn to clean your hole )

13 thoughts on “How A Good Massage Can Leave You With A Mouthful

  1. I like to be super shady with topics dealing with women eating men’s asses. 😈

    Generally, speaking most straight dudes don’t even know how to wipe their asses after going to the bathroom, much less cleaning all the way in the shower but you still be seeing females munching away anyways. Some of these thots will do anything to keep a man. But when they get 🤒…they clueless as to why.

    Hm. It’s a very touchy topic. On one hand it’s pleasurable, on another hand for the germaphobes you really start to think about where you are placing your mouth, much less your tongue…In someone’s ass.

    On average, people fart between thirteen and twenty-one times a day. Basically, if you’re not farting, there’s probably something goin on internally. 😂

    If I ever do it or get it done again, a barrier will be in place. I’m using a dental dam definitely Jamari and if a dental dam is not present, time to cut a condom and make use of

    Um, my first time I got ate out was ummm interesting…moving on from that… 😂

    I’m totally cool with asseating so be it if it’s wit cha main man. The idea is hot because it’s kinda taboo and nasty..and people like doing things they know out of the ordinary and nasty. We did it as kids and continue to still do it as adults.

    Even for Trey…I’m sorry to say, Zaddy, but I ain’t licking them cakes without a baking sheet. I may want to but I ain’t trying to have a mouth like Milenna from Mortal Kombat. Nope…

    Haha but I guess it’s okay maybe if you and yo boo been together and no cheating going on…and they clean REALLY well..

    ..but imagine licking someone with musty armpits and translate that to licking some dude’s ass hole. Oh and then what about oral cancer…lawd we can’t do nothing these days without the risk of looking like Jeepers Creepers in the future from sucking ass like a Bussy Vampire

    Haha but I don’t wanna scare some of the Foxholers. We all grown and we can put our mouth on whatever we like. Whip cream on peen, icing on cakes, peanut butter on bootyholes.. Y’all know what y’all be doing. Gone head and get them groceries from the Whole Foods store and feast just don’t be licking anyconvenience store bussy, cause you might end up getting robbed.

    1. ^lmao and what you said about tremaine 😂

      vixens really do that on the whim.
      this vixen i use to know said she ate out all the wolves she was fuckin.
      i asked if they cleaned themselves and she was at a state of confusion.

      im with you on the dental dam.
      i need to do more research on that honestly.
      i know how to clean myself so i just had wolves dive in my back lot with no issues.
      you gotta clean that entire area before you put your mouth on that hole.
      it is a breeding ground for drama.

  2. Damn kinda forgot how fine Brian pumper used to be I don’t know what he looks like now( don’t check for him anymore). As far as the topic at hand the wolves I’ve done it to are usually surprised I’m going lower than they thought I would 😝. I tried doing it to my wolf “friend” and he was totally against it but he did it to me for the first time and totally got into it.

    1. @mikey…he still looks good, but I’ve heard stories that he’s hit upon hard times.

      At one point, I remember reading that he was the “go-to guy” for athletes and entertainers who wanted to get banged out by a porn star back in the day. He burned many bridges with the porn studios that he worked with, and other porn stars refused to work with him (kinda like Castro). The last straw was when he tried to have the results from his mandatory testing changed.

      He liked to have that nice bubble ass eaten in his videos though.

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