Jelani Maraj Is Getting A Warm Welcome In Jail

they allegedly don’t take to kindly to alleged child molesters in jail.
jelani maraj,
the brother of nicki minaj,
allegedly learned that recently.
a vix-bi just sent me an alleged video of him getting stomped on cell block d.
check it out via hiphop overload

he had the option to be free,
but he choose another path.
can’t say i feel sorry for him.
his days are going to be hell.

video cc: hiphop overload

it was some video from 2015.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Jelani Maraj Is Getting A Warm Welcome In Jail”

  1. It’s like watching WWE live. He’s actually pretty lucky…In places like Brazil, (from the videos) they cut your dick off, shove either knives or brooms up your butthole, beat you senseless in a mob, break your arms and legs and at worse, murder you or burn you alive. It’s really brutal.

      1. Hm. That depends on how folks view things. I’ll be honest with you. Society is very skewed on their views between men and women molestors.

        Women get slapped on the wrist but men….oh men get it a lot worse.

        Usually, those folks that grow up molesting were possibly done the same when they were a child and didn’t say anything or no one believed them and then you have some folks that are actually predatory just because.

        I feel somewhat sorry for him in a sense that he could have been one of those folks who was “touched” as a child.

        However, that Nikki Minaj Gif made me laugh for some reason..😂😂 it’s the perfect ending for the post.

  2. I thought being in jail was his punishment not this abuse. Isnt the poiny of Jail to “fix” people so they come out better than they went it? How is this helping him get better. If he ever leaves …..just watch out.
    Ps side eye to the guards. He was getting beat for a long time, too long before they helped.

  3. I don’t feel sorry at all for him, and no one should. If you abuse and scar a child for the rest of their life, you get what’s coming to you.

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