Janet Has Spoken

everyone wants vindication for janet.
i’m sure she doesn’t care at this point.
she is still a legend,
regardless of what was done to her and by whom.
well the speculation she was performing with justin has been put to rest.
this is what she posted on her ig about performing at the superbowl…

i would have judged her if she walked in that stage.
he can find someone else to use for his “moment”.

lowkey: britney…
he dragged you for years.
don’t you think about it either.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Janet Has Spoken”

  1. Janet is a queen and I’m not the biggest fan of Brittany but she is a princess.

    Justin Timberfake needs to sit down… but you can’t sit with us.

  2. Im glad she spoke…and i hope she is relaxing at home. The Still Processing podcast is all about Janet this week and its soooo good. Glad they respect her contributions.

  3. Black twitter has made it Janet Jackson Appreciation day today. Today also marks the 32 year anniversary of Control. Janet will forever be an icon, I’m so glad she is not sharing the stage with him.

  4. That pic.. Janet is perfection. I was listening a Janet playlist on Spotify yesterday and her song “I Want You” is still one of my favs!

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