That Kardashian Girl Has Given Birth (The One That’s Been Hiding)

i didn’t want to believe it.
i don’t know why.
i guess i assumed she would be “better” than this.
“she is a kardashian for god’s sake…”
well after the last 9 nine months of speculation,
kylie jenner has given birth.
travis scott,
the rapping wolf she only knew for 6 months,
is the father.
this is what she fonted on her ig

with a full video she posted on her youtube:

full on judgment here.
i don’t particularly care.
this isn’t some romantic story.
she is an idiot,
along with him,
but i shouldn’t be shocked.
that family likes to live their lives by hoodrat culture so…
 i’m glad she had a safe pregnancy tho.

lowkey: i can’t wait until the “deadbeat dad” leaks…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “That Kardashian Girl Has Given Birth (The One That’s Been Hiding)”

  1. Damn…how long were they together before she got knocked up?!
    She makes more money than he does, so when he is no longer relevant (is he now?) it will be interesting to see how their “relationship” goes. She should’ve thought this one out.

  2. You know atleast shes in a better position than most knocked up people who just hit 20, being a millionaire with a bunch of cheap rip off companies with a mindless generation to follow and support. Can’t knock it but **Kanye Shrug**

      1. The fact that someone told her that she was so proud of her for becoming a mom has shown you how far we have deferred from previous generations. Its a damn shame that this is the role model that is pushed to the forefront so easily and given social platforms that were never earned in comparison to others.

        1. ^ABSOLUTELY agree with you.
          if she was black,
          this wouldn’t even be a story.
          if she was black and made a “cute” video like that,
          folks would have been asking where are the parents.

  3. I’m so sick of these overglorified Kardashian hoes, from tha mama on down. Now supposed these were sisters, they wouldn’t be on tv or none of that shit. They have these black women acting ratchet and fighting, but glorify white hoes and pregnant teens!! And these sucka ass niggas that get with them. As Khia said them hoes need go to the hole. I say electrocute them bitches.

  4. I figured she was after that picture was snapped of her dressed in all black by the paparazzi. I really do not keep up with this family though, but Kris Jenner is a PR genius for sure because she orchestrated it all, even the time that this was announced.

  5. I honestly will never understand why any black person would support of stan for a Kardashian but thats besides the point.. Why is this newsworthy? Why is the internet so excited about at girl whos been fucking rappers since she was 16, following in her family tradition of getting pregnant by a rapper? All the praise and adulation is nauseating. The Kardashians have turned making bi-racial babies into an artform. Its deliberate and sickening. Travis Scott may not realize but his credibility and street cred is officially dead out here. What he also doesn’t realize is Kardashians destroy the lives and careers of the men they deal with. I live in LA and if i told you the sentiment about Kardashians is not good at all. Ever wonder why no decent, wealthy, or famous WHITE men EVER fuck with them? To the world they may be glamorous, beautiful and rich but in wealthy LA circles, they are looked at as “new money sluts.” Low hanging fruit for dumb, thirsty rappers and athletes.

  6. The fact that the video is trending number 1 on YouTube within an hour it’s released. But i bet Black Panther or anything that ONLY has “us” in it won’t reach those numbers 🙃

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