So Justin Timberlake Does Have An Alleged Guest For The Superbowl

the following story might make you mad or excited.
it depends on what you take from the following.
justin timberlake has a special guest for the super bowl,
according to tmz.
guess who it is?…

Our sources also reveal there are no ‘NSYNC or Janet Jackson cameos planned … so anyone hoping for a reunion or redemption … you can pretty much abandon all hope. 

HOWEVER, we’re told Justin does have one pretty cool trick up his sleeve — a hologram to honor … wait for it … Prince, in his hometown.

Of course, plans and strategies can change … but an overhaul at this point seems unlikely.

kiss the baby for me.
they’re going to drag me all over social media on sunday.
i’ll be in hiding til 2020….”
didn’t prince allegedly despise him?
i guess this is why he had his listening party on his estate?
i know one thing if the alleged is true…


 this dragging on social media will be epic.
black twitter is going to break the internet.
what a time to be alive.
lowkey: thank GOD janet is sitting down for this.
article cc: tmz

Prince’s family and friends were quick to shoot down reports that the late singer’s hologram would make an appearance during Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII halftime show on Sunday.

The “Purple Rain” singer’s family denied it was happening on Saturday through a Twitter account managed by his brother, Omarr Baker.

In the tweet, Baker shared a no entry sign along with “#PrinceHologram,” after TMZ reported Timberlake had a hologram planned in honor of Prince and his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the Super Bowl will be held.

i was expecting a dragging.
this still opens the door for a janet reunion.

article cc: people

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “So Justin Timberlake Does Have An Alleged Guest For The Superbowl

  1. I’m confused. Didn’t he say something slick about Prince in the “Give it to me” song with Timberland? Oh this is going to be tragic

  2. Now that we are pretty sure that Janet is safely tucked away in some cozy place, i hope Justin pulls out a Prince hologram and gets the dragging of his life….LMAO. He deserves it. That NY Times quote in review of his album deserves a t-shirt….As Prince has said “let the rain come down, let the rain come down”…

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