Shaq Beat The P*ssy Bloody?

Shaq has countless jumpoffs.

I should know.
I was one of them.


 Naw, but I hear that was 1 of the reasons Shaunie left Shaq.
Let me introduce you to the Vixen named Jasmine.

Jasmine had been fucking Shaq and wrote him a letter for her love of the big guy.
How it ended up on Mediatakeout?
That is beyond me.
(maybe she is looking for a new baller since Shaq probably dropped her like a hot potato)

Anyway here is the letter to “her King”…

My King,

Remember in Phoenix you told me I was fine? With that country accent. Mmm. It was sexy because it was after the very first time I went on top. I stood there naked and it was like you were in awe. You stared at me like you saw something in me that you never saw before. I couldn’t even look at you because you were weirding me out talking about dinner lol.

You made me blush; You said my smile was so pretty. Had you never noticed before? Or did something new develop that day and you were trying to let me know? Because you usually only complimented my Jordans or my jewelry. I figured that wasn’t you. You noted how clear my skin was. I told you it was just a part of growing up. Ever since that day, I’ve had this complex around you. This overwhelming feeling of needing to look and be flawless. Sometimes I fail.

Remember the stories you confided in me while we ate dinner at Justin’s in Atlanta? You asked me if I would consider abortion. You asked me if I could cheat on you. You asked me my opinion of her. I removed emotions and answered objectively. Because I never wanted to let you know that each of those questions was like razors to my heart. Remember at your house, in your room when I was packing your bag for the roadtrip, your agent asked me if I wanted to marry you? You stared at me as you listened intently when I responded to his next question, “What would make me a good wife?” Ugh, the pressure! lol. I answered from my heart. I always do.

When you make sweet love to me I reflect on how far I feel we’ve come. When I’m riding you and you tell me to look at you, in your eyes I see forever. When I reverse it on you, I can relax. Because the passion of looking at you in that moment is sometimes alot to bear. That intensity is a long way from times of our past. Like the times I bled all over you (sorry). I’m grown up now. And recently you learned how deep my love goes for you. And all that I am willing to do for you. Though I have an idea of where I place to you, I used to compare myself to her.

Now I compare myself to the other her. & When comparing stories, shit don’t add up. I’ve heard that people treat you the way you treat yourself. Hmmm. Both a good decision and a terrible choice; I’ve been here from day 1. You even said that yourself. You have always downplayed those situations to me. You obviously care about my feelings. Just not enough. So cold. But When you told me you appreciate me and how much my downness means to you it wiped away the bad times. I

was ready to move forward. I wish the dynamics of this never changed. It would make my life so much easier. In my desire to be perfect for you, I’ve learned so much about myself. I wish I wasn’t so weak. It seems you find joy in breaking me down to build me up… anytime you decide you feel like doing so. That’s not fair. And though I love you, I don’t deserve to deal with it anymore. I’m sure you don’t have faith in that statement after all this time. But that which does not kill me makes me stronger.

That’s what they say. Why couldn’t you just love me the way you’re supposed to? Based on my worth?

How sad that all things must come to an end.


 How… interesting.
I know a jumpoff who fucked Shaq and they told me his dick wasn’t all that big.
Their words was “tiny for such a big man“.
But you know what?
One person’s “big” is another’s “vienna sausge”.

Boy could I trade war stories about that topic.

Anyway, here is a pic of King and Tween:

She looks like Shaunie.
Maybe she needed to turn that into a song since she wanted an audience.
I was thinking Tears of a Clown.

Oh wait.
That song title is already taken.


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  1. from an inside source it is average at best and he gets excited in the locker room and does not mind being “neekid” so I guess it would look small on a big man!

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