Shaquille O’Neal Is Suffering From Severe Athlete’s Foot

i can never get over some of these baller wolves paws.
some of them need to come with warning labels.
shaquille o’neal showed his to the world on tv.
you have been warned
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f0x asks… (10)

Halloween is a fun time of year when we can dress up and be whatever we want.
The only time of year that a woman can be a whore and no one will ever say anything about her.
But for my Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes out there, I had to ask…

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I Want 2 CUM In U Foreva (Day 2)

Well Shaq is having the best week ever.

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Lauren London F*cked D-Wade… and Shaq Told Us So

Shaq is real messy.
Who would have thought the big guy would be involved in such a major scandal…
… one of which I’m still trying to figure out WTF is going on….

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Shaq Beat The P*ssy Bloody?

Shaq has countless jumpoffs.

I should know.
I was one of them.


 Naw, but I hear that was 1 of the reasons Shaunie left Shaq.
Let me introduce you to the Vixen named Jasmine.

Jasmine had been fucking Shaq and wrote him a letter for her love of the big guy.
How it ended up on Mediatakeout?
That is beyond me.
(maybe she is looking for a new baller since Shaq probably dropped her like a hot potato)

Anyway here is the letter to “her King”…

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Meat Of The Minute: Marlon Yates JR


Dreams of being successful in my promising career,
money out the wahzoo,
cars clothes and platinum credit cards,
a ton of baller and other celeb friends,
Devin Thomas as my ex homie lover friend being one of them…

and a rebound Yung Wolf,
looking like this:

Blowin’ my well deserved back out AND cooking me breakfast.
Worked for Shaunie O’Neal didn’t it?

D R E A M S….

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