Meat Of The Minute: Marlon Yates JR


Dreams of being successful in my promising career,
money out the wahzoo,
cars clothes and platinum credit cards,
a ton of baller and other celeb friends,
Devin Thomas as my ex homie lover friend being one of them…

and a rebound Yung Wolf,
looking like this:

Blowin’ my well deserved back out AND cooking me breakfast.
Worked for Shaunie O’Neal didn’t it?

D R E A M S….

meet the epitome of a Wolf, Marlon Yates Jr.
Current job title: Shaunie O’Neal’s PERFECT rebound.
One of which needs to be all up inside you in every given minute.

He is FIONE from all angles.

Marlon is an model who lucked up on an ex wife to a gigantic cheating orge.
I feel happy for Shaunie because not only does she have shawty inside her,
but Shaq can see that she bounced back.
Plus her show on VH1 “Basketball Wives” was a smash success.

when you become single…. stalk me.

His twitter is:  @marlonyatesjr

Tell him Jamari Fox sent ya.


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