Trey Songz Woke Up And Claps Back for Black Lives

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-14-12-pmtrey songz is sexy.
he is physically sexy,
but he is also very “woke sexy”.
nothing sexier than a woke wolf.
whenever black (any) issues arise,
trey always takes to his social media to voice his concerns.
with the latest senseless kiling of yet another black wolf,
trey took to his social media with the quickness.
he also called out ( x shaq ) and ( x ray lewis ) for their ignorance on his ig like so…
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Shaq Catches The “Fade”

shaquille-o-neal-headshotone thing i love about shaq is his sense of humor.
he is literally a lovable giant.
well shaq decided to re-create the dance moves of teyana taylor in “fade”.
here is the video via a f-bi
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Shaq Beat The P*ssy Bloody?

Shaq has countless jumpoffs.

I should know.
I was one of them.


 Naw, but I hear that was 1 of the reasons Shaunie left Shaq.
Let me introduce you to the Vixen named Jasmine.

Jasmine had been fucking Shaq and wrote him a letter for her love of the big guy.
How it ended up on Mediatakeout?
That is beyond me.
(maybe she is looking for a new baller since Shaq probably dropped her like a hot potato)

Anyway here is the letter to “her King”…

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