Shaq Catches The “Fade”

shaquille-o-neal-headshotone thing i love about shaq is his sense of humor.
he is literally a lovable giant.
well shaq decided to re-create the dance moves of teyana taylor in “fade”.
here is the video via a f-bi


shaq still got it.
those joints are still greased.
i’d love a wolf with his sense of humor.
maybe his height too.
it depends how that pipe hang tho.
my “werewolf” side took over.

lowkey: i bet he is fun dad.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Shaq Catches The “Fade”

  1. Okay since I’m tall myself I only like my men 6 feet and over and this man is aesthetically perfect when it comes to build and endowment. Hey Shaq! Fuck Shaunie/Hoopz and come deal with a REAL boss!

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