The Half Dressed Tails of The Two Teachers

112732-welcome-to-my-classroomso i know the foxhole heard about the drama with patrice brown?
she is the forth grade teacher who looks like this:

everyone is up in arms about how she looks/dresses.
they feel she looks inappropriate to teach cubs their a, b, cs.
well there is another teacher who is now in the spotlight.
everyone meet jamel fenner

*feels woozy*
he is an elementary school teacher/boxer from brooklyn.
high key,
i would always be picking up my cub on some:


he could write the alphabet on my foxhole…
with his tongue.
my issue with this is…

Why is Patrice getting slandered for how she looks,
but it’s okay for Jamel?

jamel looks like he knows what a “prison yard” looks like.
he also doesn’t dress like the stereotypical teacher.
i see so many vixens ready to give jamel the panties on sight,
but they damn near crucified patrice a few days before.
the straight wolves,
of course,
had no issues with patrice’s wardrobe.
i personally don’t see anything wrong with how patrice dresses.
she graduated from alabama state university and is qualified to teach.
what does her clothes have to do with her teaching style?
before this went viral,
i’m sure there was no complaints.
i guess it will always be an issue when it comes to what vixen’s do.
jamel could be wearing a wife beater to teach the chirren.
no issues.
as long as he looks like he is “DTF”,
he will get the puss a pass.
tumblr_mcnw1elynl1qal3lwo1_400so i had to ask the foxhole…

Do you have any issues with how these teacher’s look?

pictures credited: triceyl_ | imwhygirlscheat

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “The Half Dressed Tails of The Two Teachers”

  1. I see nothing wrong with how she was dressed I’m pretty sure if she knows she has to comply with the schools rules.

  2. 😂😂 She knows damn well going in there dressed like that would drive the moms crazy, I’m sure a father almost broke their neck looking at her.

  3. I can guarantee you Jamel isn’t teaching anything dressed like that. It’s just sensationalism.

    Now Patrice is fine as shit and I would tuck a napkin in my shirt and eat it right there on that carpet no lie lol

    Some of the outfits don’t seem like they would be comfortable to wear while chasing after kids all day but if it fits the dress code and she’s comfortable then it’s whatever.

    She’s gorgeous though. I know all the teachers hate her lol

  4. J, I think that the only one that teaches is Patrice, it looks like Jamel is the janitor. I am sure that Patrice has gotten more Dads involved in their children school work than any other teacher in the history of that school. I can assure you that most of her biggest critics and haters are the other teachers at the school. The behind the scenes shenanigans that go on at most schools would make your mouth drop to the floor. Teachers and Principals are messy AF. Teaching may be my next career but I am having second thoughts after hearing so many friends in education tell me about all the Drama. Ms. Brown is not doing herself any favors in education dressing like this LOL. I was a substitute teacher fresh out of college and I worked in a High School and it was off the chain how bold many of my female students where. It was a fun job until I got a real job with benefits but between the other teachers flirting and the young students it was nerve racking at times. I am sure that Jamel has ran through the teaching staff and half of the mothers at his school LOL! His IG clearly does reflect anyone who is teaching in a classroom, he has a few drug references that are a no no in most districts. Also in most school districts, teachers have to keep tattoos covered, and that pink dress on Ms. Brown is not appropriate for work, but I am sure the male staff loved it and loves seeing her everyday.

    1. I’m thinking about teaching as well. Lowkey the salary ain’t bad lol but there is drama. My little sister making more than me but she looks drained as fuck dealing with the drama between teachers.

  5. The pictures of her in the middle with the cleavage exposed are inappropriate.I don’t have an issue with the dresses or the jeans.I don’t think he looks professional enough in t-shirts.You can be casual and still professional.

    1. I think the one with the cleavage she’s not a school it looks like a swimsuit but i could be wrong. I she’s a forth grade teacher, i’ve seen plenty of (white) teacher in t-shirt.

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