malik joseph had an altercation at compound in atl over the weekend

i’ll start off by saying i think malik joseph is really handsome.
he pretty pretty.
i like to start things off positively.

he is ( x one of the ) freak twitter/onlyfans forest dwellers.
i can see why tanksnlove is ( x always touching on him ).
malik was in attendance at compound in atl over the weekend.
as you know,
it was ( x “henny bottle-gate” ) during one fight over the weekend.
well malik was in a fight in his own too.
i don’t know if this was before or after the fight:

but this was his how his brawl went down

the foxholer who sent me the video said:

“See this is why I fight like I’m ugly.”

so was malik hugging ol dude?
that dude started off with a whole punch and malik was trying to hug him to death.
they both didn’t really have paws tbh.
i mean ol dude got more “punches” in,
but it looked like he was giving malik a head massage.

Please font me that this wasn’t about sitting in someone’s section?

ima need folks not to be having a showdown at the o.k. corral over seats.

19 thoughts on “malik joseph had an altercation at compound in atl over the weekend

    1. The second video, Chile. They start slapping & wrestling like both left their common sense at the club’s door.

  1. And apparently he making a video with lamont Johnson, doing entirely tew much. The trailer is on his Twitter

  2. Looks like his DNA got a little mixed in Bahamas, but I love a nice Haitian penis.

  3. Malik Would choose the most muscular nigga in the club to FIGHT smh when I saw ole boys stance & energy I kinda knew what way it would go, Atleast no blood was drawn, Malik you’d of been better off tryna go home wit ole boy instead of squaring up 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. I’ve done plenty of ratchet shit but you will never catch me in the club fighting, EVER. Waste of money and a good outfit Lol.

  5. Three rules for avoiding covid-19:. 1. Wear a mask. 2. Wash your hands. 3. Watch your distance.

    Those were not being followed.

    Covid-19 can take you out faster than HIV and it’s much easier to get.

    The whole place and places like that she be shut down as public health hazards. I saw no masks. I saw no social / safety distancing.

    1. HIV usually takes years to progress, so what you said goes without saying.

  6. Chileee just stand there and look cute…Gurl can’t even fight to save her life!
    Always the one talking shit…be the first on the ground lol 😂

  7. Messy queens…and where tf is the mask?! These idiots is not worried about the Rona?! Smh.

    1. Thank you! My first thought was, this isn’t 2019, so where TF are their masks!?

      Did they miss the memo that this virus hits Black folks hardcore & kills or maims a lot of us?

      Did everyone in that bar miss the memo? Is this how they’re rolling down in ATL?

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