lamont johnson pulls the big cheeks out for his latest (sexual?) endeavor

i haven’t seen attentionisto,
lamont johnson,
in a while.

ever since he stopped smashin‘ on his onlyfans,
and was stingy with the meats and cakes,
i kinda lost interest.
well it seems like he is on the comeback!
he was in a new trailer with…

malik joseph.

one who needed to make a comeback after that awful fight video.
that’s how you do it tho.
you got some bad press where you’re getting dragged?
you debut a trailer with one of the most lusted after attentionistos on ig.


ima be sitting and waiting for what antics they cook up.

i wonder how malik is getting these straight wolves to do alla this?
naked massages.
jackin’ off next to them.
getting man-handled in the shower.
i’m more curious with that.
i feel like this is just gonna be something tame tho.
i’m not gonna clench my cheeks for anything earth shattering.

lowkey: its funny how lamont said some homophobic shit in the past.
now he is cheeks out and throwing rose petals on a gay male.
we’ll do anything for clout.

23 thoughts on “lamont johnson pulls the big cheeks out for his latest (sexual?) endeavor

  1. Humans are equally as related to chimps (a Republican primate) as to bonobos (highly liberal, beyond hippies).
    We can go in either direction.

  2. All the gay/bi dudes stay promoting and hyping these straight dudes and their content, but I never see the str8 men promote their pages in return.

  3. I really need more Lamont content but don’t want to pay for it 🤷🏾‍♂️
    Who know where I can find it?

  4. Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see it, because Lamont is bring that thicc uncut kinda Bama sexiness, but I’ll wait till someone posts it because I’m not subscribing to either one’s OF.

  5. I guess he’s trying to expand his fan base by making videos with a gay man or trying to show/prove he’s not anti gay.

      1. Nah Uuh! Ain’t no straight man doing this with another man unless they are into men!!! They be into women as well (bananas vs peaches) but please don’t mistake this as just a cash grab! “Him lika the Men’s!!”

  6. I guess I’m the only one that NEVER got what was so great about this arroganthomophobe?? I bet without the beard he’s very average. But interesting how when the money dries up how these dudes change their tune though.

  7. I must say I love Lamonts body. Thick body n beautiful face.. Hope he can manage it as he ages he’ll turn to fat if he doesn’t trim it down.

  8. And in a few weeks he will be complaining about all the gay attention he’s receiving and how much he loves women.

  9. Them OnlyFans coins prolly not hitting like they used to so he’s resorting to overt gay baiting.

  10. My mouth dropped open as I scrolled down to see him sprinkling the Roses in the tub on a man…

  11. Okay,,, I seen all I need to see .

    Perhaps we are living in a time where the lines of “sexuality ” are truly BLURED!!!!!

    Gone are the days of “STRAIGHT, or GAY ,or BI etc.. This has nothing to do with attention..

    I don’t have to see if they F#ck or not .I say Bravo to this new openness . ( Actually humans have always been like this) so its nothing new .

    Like Police Brutality.. Things are being filmed..

    1. “Humans have always been like this” is fact. I think I made a comment before on a unrelated post, that humans generally are attracted to what’s attractive, even if it’s non-sexual. Society is the catalyst behind normalizing that “pick a side” mentality in regards to sexual orientation and identity. If heterosexuality wasn’t forced down our throats, everyone would be walking around with boyfriends and girlfriends unapologetically.

      The fact that gay, bi, straight exist is ridiculous. There should be no such thing as sexual identity in my opinion. Let people fuck who they wanna fuck. (Consenting adults Ofcourse) why label it? Its Just another thing to help divide us as people along with racism. Categorizing sexual orientation shouldn’t even be normalized. Society and religion is responsible for the brainwashing.

  12. That man ain’t fuckin Malik…it’s a cute bait though. My guess is the most they’ll have going on is some male-female-male massage or action. Which is cool but will only work for so long. We shall see what occurs. As for Flash and Rhyheim I can’t imagine anything coming from that. No one is interested unless Flash is gettin them cakes beat in!

  13. I will file this under wait to see…like the hype with Flashmade and Rhyheim.
    Still waiting for the video???
    Flash playing with the dogs…is that it smh lol.
    This dude is HOT and I’m all for this collabo…Malik can take dick tho 😉
    The countdown begins.

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