the inconsistent inconsistency of dudes these days

i need consistency to bloom.
it’s something i crave.
it turns me on when a wolf that’s into me is consistent.
i’m meeting way too many males who are strange af.
how are we doing it folks?
you meet a dude,
either in real life or online

you’re diggin’ him,
he appears to be diggin’ you,
all this attention is shown early in the beginning,
you could feel yourself handing him in the draws and then…

he goes and fucks shit up.
he either ghosts,
mixed signals,
acts emotionally unavailable,
or pops up in some other relationship.
it’s like wtf?
it was all good when he was trying to get my attention,
but then boom,
i gotta start putting on track shoes for consistency and dick.
it don’t even be the type of wolves i throw up on the ig foxhole either.
most of the time it’s regula degulas who some bimbo(s) gassed up.

maybe i’m doing it wrong?
when someone is interested in me,
i try to show them in ways they got the green light.
i’m consistent with mine.
i show the fuck up to say:

“Oh hey!
I like and I want you!
It seems you are feeling the same.
Let’s pow wow real quick…”

nah homie.
it’s always some asshole whose love language is that of “fuck boi”.
i like feeling wanted.
i like texting him just to see how his day is going.
i like when he texts me to ask the same.
i love when we fucked and he is still trying to be in my radar.

it doesn’t have to be OD,
but damn…

What happened to making someone feel like they special?

males can make other males feel like they special.
it’s okay to show feelings and emotions fellas.
our world is a private and safe space.
making someone feel like you SEE them.
no one wants to be like “huh?” by someone they think is attracted to them.

lowkey: what’s worst is when you ask questions,
they act like you doing too much.
lets throw all the millennial males away and start a new batch please.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “the inconsistent inconsistency of dudes these days”

  1. I was talking about this the other day with my friends. I was talking through realistic scenarios and it came down to this. Simply put, if you want consistency, you have wait for them to want to be consistent. Essentially playing the background till they grow tired of the disappointment and failures of trying to connect with other dudes. But by then they are soo damaged that you have undo the trauma from the past and build a new man.

    It used to be a we meet in the middle type of thing but that no longer exist because of the appearance of options and dudes to choose from anywhere in the world. The gram and twitter has made it so that you have another choice who looks more interesting than the person in front of you.

    However, if you are an extremely popular already you don’t see the need for being consistent because you so caught up in strategic moves and maintaining the status. Having to focus on one person can be a burden. You put it on the back burner until you have more time and that’s about 5 to 8 years before you realize how much time you wasted on disappointment and failures.

  2. I’m starting to believe “don’t look for love, let it find you”. I say that because whenever I am READY, guys don’t want me. When I am too busy doing other things “Hey there, Handsome, I see you working hard..”

    I think they can smell the desperation on us. If you’re focused on being a boss, he will either try to level up with you or at least try to gold dig.

    I also think we have to put ourselves out there to guys who are a good fit. This dude had “don’t send me nudes” so I hit him up trying to be silly and now he won’t stop replying. He asks me about things I told him the first day we made small talk. That to me, is ENERGY. You can’t even get a “Good Morning” from these dudes, but he remembers something I mentioned? And when Jack’d makes you pay to scroll back up? So he REALLY remembered. Oh yes, oh yes. We love to see it.

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