Has Teairra Mari Fallen Off? (Don’t Answer That)

Ray-J-Whine-1413844196that was the look on my face.
i’ll get into why i was looking like that.
anyway so i stopped watching “love and hiphop: hollywood”.
i saw the second episode and was bored.
have we confirmed if that one chick is a transexual?
as you can see from my <—- #nowwatching,
i traded that show in for “gotham”.
one of my vixen buddies hit me up today about the mess that is teairra mari.
she performed on the show last night and well…

cue ^the face above.

tumblr_m6xbpw8zJj1qbh0eio1_400WHAT IS HER ISSUE?!
why is she so angry???
every time i see this she-jackal,
she knuckin’ til she buckin’.
all this over ray j?
i just don’t understand it.
and to think…
i spent 13.99 on her first album:

Teairra_mari_cover…which i use to bump faithfully.
this was my shit:

i guess its safe to say rihanna won?

lowkey: did she not look like pure struggle?
from the dress,
the flap jack tits,
and the cat ears.

that one note damn near made my ears fall off.
then she gonna come out with a over stuffed pink back pack.
…then she gonna put paws on dude?
it definitely wasn’t her finest hour.
was she fighting jay z like this?
her next career choice should be “crazy baby mama”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Has Teairra Mari Fallen Off? (Don’t Answer That)”

  1. My ears were bleeding. She was just as bad as Squidward when he’s playing the clarinet. I’m surprised she didn’t clear the place out. DAMN

    When that woman was fanning herself I laughed my ass off. She was over it.

  2. She can sing and sings better than Rihanna any day. Just one bad performance, she can improve.

    She has potential to get back on

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