Has Tyrese Big Mouth Gotten Him Where He Needed To Be?

i ain’t shit for using ^that picture.

i couldn’t resist.
so one of my favorite movies is “baby boy”.
someone stole my dvd and i’m still vex at that,
but that movie was a hood classic.
tyrese always said he got a far as he did through hard work.
well carlos “spanky” hayes,
one of the stars from “wild ‘n out”,
had a revelation on how tyrese allegedly got the role of “jody”.
so carlos had said…

“I had an audition it was 30 stars there. There were so many stars there that I was like, I don’t fuckin’ belong here…Three weeks later, it was me and another person – now we’re the best two people that’s there. He gets up he reads, I’m thinking ‘Fuck, I’m not gonna get his.’ Then I get up and I read, and I shock myself. We both sit down and the [producer] said, ‘I love both of you guys, both of you are talented. But which one of you guys are gonna suck my cock.

I bust out laughing because a muthafucka ain’t never talk to me like that. And what fucked me up though was that other dude wasn’t laughing…And I looked at both of them, and was like aww hell naw. And to keep it real, he got the leading role…Baby Boy.”  I am not surprised by this allegation as Tyrese is a card-carrying homophobe, and homophobes are nothing but undercover bisexual men in my book.

he also went in on others like another foxx:

“I have been hit on by someone before, but I won’t say their name…Willie Beamen.

…and 90s movie sex symbol who i would let be my “best man”:

“I’m sure every man in this room has been to his house, but probably ain’t never seen what I saw. And, they were playing butt naked basketball…but I ain’t gonna say nothing else – Boyz In The Hood.” 

he polished it off by saying:

“It’s actors and comedians out there who gave blow jobs and didn’t get the part.” 


…omg that must suck!
no pun intended.
you go and swallow a pipe,
and even swallowing at the finale,
and you don’t even get the role.
not even a cameo.
i guess thats how you know they were “straight”?

their head game was terrible?
okay sorry.
well spanky had absolutely no fucks to give didn’t he?
i’m sure he is on the way to witness protection as we speak.
tyrese responded quick fast on his facebook:

giphyare you thinking what i’m thinking?
for one: he didn’t even DEFEND jamie foxx.
was that a low key confirm?
two: something is up.
this whole thing is extremely random.
f-bi: lets do some sniffing around.
my foxy senses is telling me there is a story here.
other than that,
i am so desensitized to hollywood bs that i wouldn’t even be shocked.
if the allegations are true,
are you shocked?
if vixens twerk on the casting couch,
why would we even think the wolves are any different?
my thing is…

what if the person is ugly as sin…
and they are the gate keeper to your career?

i can’t even at the thought.

lowkey: is tyrese really as homophobic as they say he is?
i keep hearing that rumor through the various forests.

article found: g list society
video credited: facebook

17 thoughts on “Has Tyrese Big Mouth Gotten Him Where He Needed To Be?

  1. I’m not at all surprised about Tyresse or Jamie Foxx, because they’ve always set off my “gaydar”.
    Tyresse is homophobic, but has many “womanly traits” that we’ve all seen the footage of (making more folks dislike him).
    Jamie comes off much like myself, a bisexual jokester. So I’m pretty sure Howard Stern has actual “DL dirt” on him (they run in similar circles & people talk). And since Jamie shut up right after Howard threatened to “expose” him (I don’t think someone of Howard’s caliber in Hollywood would make idle threats).
    I’ve never really heard of Morris Chestnut being involved with any women in Hollywood, so I figured something might be up with him too.

    But I thought the story was Jamie Foxx got caught by his neighbors playing nude b-ball with a bunch of dudes. Allegedly he sent them “gift baskets” to help silence them.
    Since he’s been relatively quiet his whole Hollywood career, I don’t really buy the story about Morris (even though something tells me he’s probably on the DL).

    I’m sure if any of this is true it’ll be years before anyone comes out & confirms it (much like Quincy Jones “outed” Marlon Brando, Richard Pryor, & Marvin Gaye–with Richard’s wife confirming it).

  2. Tyrese is one dude I absolutely despise in the entertainment industry and this would be icing on the cake if it was true, but even I dont believe this BS from this unknown who is trying to get his 15min by being scandalous instead of letting his talent speak for him. I heard a rumor about 12 or 13 years ago, that Tyrese and the model Tyson were in NYC at a Gay club all up in each other face, but like most of these rumors they never go anywhere and there is never any proof. This dude just committed career suicide who ever he is. Now Im not saying that Tyrese might have not done nothing strange since being in Hollywood but I dont believe this one right here.

    Spanky lets be for real, out of all the attractive dudes in Hollywood, who will easily give it up and be quiet about it, they skipped over all of them to hit on your ugly ass. Pineapple Please! You are taking things you have heard in the industry and trying to play like it happen to you for publicity. Have a seat.

    1. I think the rumors about Tyson are legit. He was always in the company of dudes when he came to the restaurant I worked at years ago in NYC. Evidently it was so transparent some of the female servers commented on it.

  3. I don’t think this story happened to Spanky…i believe it probably happened to a friend of his and he’s just putting it out there…but for Jamie I’m NOT surprised..Jamie Foxx can have me anyday of the week lol i feel Jamie is comfortable in his skin and is bi. He’s ALWAYS been supportive and kind to the gay community. I don’t know about Morris though..SN: you know back in Philly that’s been the talk for quite some time on how Meek Mills got signed, even Cassidy mentioned it when he was battling Meek…people are saying he gave up the ass for his deal…now i dont know if it’s true…BUT when i watched a few videos of his mannerisms (especially summer jam 2013 behind the scenes with Ebro) he did seem a little to the left…man NOTHING is impossible these days just from the men i’ve dealt with from a hustler, military guy, gym rat and none of them fit the profile of ‘gay’ man but many of guys who have approached me were almost like ghosts in this lifestyle and didn’t want to even acknowledged they were gay, YET did everything and anything i wanted them to do once we had sex…i always felt Tyrese was bi…and this industry is ran by the gays,bi and jews…but question didn’t John Singleton direct and produce Baby Boy!??! the same director behind the cult-classic Boyz in Da Hood? Hmm…something to think about might be some truth there!!!! SN

  4. ^^^ Is NOT above using his penis for career advancement.

    I don’t believe this. I mean I’m sure it happens on some level, especially with male models, but I believe he is just feeding everyone’s insatiable assumption that all men in the industry are fucking and sucking each other to make it.

    I’m sure men in the industry do fuck around, but it’s way more covert than this.

  5. Carlos Hayes DOB January 31,1986 Baby Boy was made in 2000.So John Singleton was casting a middle schooler as the lead? LMAO
    Carlos better release that mea culpa ASAP

  6. Tyrese leaves a trail to his real-ity. Pay attention to who he hangs out with and it will lead you down “Boi Pussy Junction”…

  7. The producer of Baby Boy was John Singleton.
    This unattractive guy claims he was suppose to be the leading man in Baby Boy.
    John Singleton has stated he wrote Baby Boy for Tupac.When Tupac died his next choice was Tyrese.
    I don’t know if Tyrese is straight or not but I believe this guy is a liar .I believe this story,joke or whatever is going to bite him in the ass.

    1. ^ive also never heard of morris chestnut having naked bball tournaments.
      i did hear a foxx allegedly did.
      either way…
      this little outing is really weird.

      i believe kat williams over this one here.
      i’m sure his “i apologize for the untrue accusations i stated in that radio interview. i didn’t mean to hurt anyone with my words and actions” video is coming.

  8. I can’t say if he did it or not, the world may never know. However it is not far-fetched. You’d be surprised at what people will do when they are hungry and starving for success and fame. All theses straight “attentionistos” that Jamari showcases on this site would suck the melanin out of a dick if it meant their instagram/twitter/facbeook popularity could be turned into hollywood fame by another man.

    1. ^word.
      …and people can deny if they want.
      i would suck the soul out a pipe if it meant i would leave my job and be sponsored for my career.
      people out here suckin dick for FREE.
      why wouldn’t you do it for career/life advancement?

      someone in the industry told me that the people you see,
      the ones in the main spotlight,
      did something to get there.
      the ones who were struggling or fall off…

  9. I always sensed a lil’ what what hey hey in Tyrese.

    I do remember Tyrese saying that he didn’t want any dudes at TGT concerts during their tour. He also said he doesn’t believe gay men are real men I believe. I’ve heard other homophobic shit he’s said too, I can’t remember right now though.

  10. This is why I cannot fool with anyone in the entertainment or every want to be a part of the industry. When a person is in power and they have control over your future, them asking you to sleep with them is a problem. I believe Spanky. Those Hollywood people ain’t shit man.

  11. Regardless if Tyrese is homophobic or not it is no ones business but his. I love the dark chocolate and would love to take a bite anyday.

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