being black in corporate is a scam (pass it on)

if this panny has taught me anything,
i’ve learned that i can’t do corporate anymore.
i iz tied massa.
i’ve been in corporate for close to 10 years and my cup runneth empty.
ya’ll cups runneth empty to the way everyone is protesting going back into an office again.
i felt what my sista,
jasmine gardens,
was talmbout when she posted this video on her ig:


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why would you want to go back to jobs where folks are going to cry in the bathroom?

Why is it okay to be pushed to the point that you’re crying at work??!?!

i couldn’t believe that behavior was coming from bosses i thought were cool too.

everyone thinks white corporate is a shit show,

but i’ve learned black corporate is just as worst tbh.
it doesn’t get any better on that side of town either.
this doesn’t apply to all jobs,
but this is my experience

Some black bosses will not fight for you.
They will throw you under the bus to save their own ass.
Sometimes if they fucked up that means you fucked up.

White folks in black corporate spaces are making a shit ton more money.
White VPS and managers are making crazy bread to so absolutely nothing.

That sense of community you thought you found only exists while you are there.
The outings and all that come full stop once you leave.
They will love you when you are there,
but once you quit or get fired,
You will simply hold a spot on their social media followers list.

Black companies depend on white sponsors at times.
As much as they claim they are “all black everything”,
They need those white dollars to keep the lights on.
Some of these folks will coon THEEEE fuck out to get them.

I feel like the abuse in black spaces tends to be worst than white ones.
Sidenote: if your gay boss finds you attractive and can potentially fuck,
or you can keep him satisfied with gossip about your fellow employees,
he will treat you like royalty.

True Story: I’ll never forget seeing a black manager tell all the employees to “freeze out” this one employee.
The employee was black.
The employee said something she didn’t like and she told her minions not to speak to her.
They all made it obvious they weren’t speaking to her.
I watched that vixen cry in the breakroom for how she was treated.
To get back on her good side,
she had to apologize.
It was absolutely vile.
Karma: all her minions turned on her and got her ass fired.

HR is a scam all in itself so you can’t even confide in them.
They are always for the company and not you.
Your complaints will just be gossip about your work ethic as soon as the door is closed.
Don’t let them know your mental health is suffering because of it.
If you are working in an “at-will” state,
they can find any excuse to fire you because of that.

Temp to perm: you gotta suck a lot of dick (figurately speaking) to get hired.
Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be everything at once.
Show up,
do your duties assigned,
and pray that your manager isn’t an idiot.
I had managers and VPs at my last job giving me hella great reviews for my work ethic.
All of that shit meant nothing in the long game.

…and so much more.

don’t ever go into black spaces thinking it’s gonna be better than white ones.
all corporate settings need a major overhaul.
i feel like wfh has really helped with folk’s mental health.
these companies can have people come in once a week and wfh for the rest.
the panny showed jobs didn’t go to ruin if folks were at their homes working.
the little zoom meetings have been more than enough.

Ya’ll had to learn during WFH how a majority of those meetings could be emails.


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i feel like the revolution is coming.

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7 thoughts on “being black in corporate is a scam (pass it on)”

  1. Very truthful. Corporate world in general is trash and unfortunately in certain cases black people will throw their own under the bus and undervalue you too. I’m impressed for once, you should do more serious topics like this, it suits you better.

  2. No doubt its err were lawyers face it teachers hell it is what its but self worth should always be our goal.

  3. I had a manager who was younger than I was at a part time job during grad school and he had a crush on a guy who flirted with me. I guess he found out about it and he gave me points against my record with the job . These sissies are a trip when there are feelings involved. Needless to say I soon graduated got my career started and gave them the finger

  4. FACTSSSSSSS about the black spaces … this black lady got me fired from my last job because she didn’t like something I said. She wasn’t even my manager but she was vey close with my manager. She got my manager to investigate me and I ended up being let go. I tried to sue their asses but I didn’t have enough evidence. Fck her lol

    1. ^ that is story of MANY in black corporate spaces.

      it can be a very “we are cool so i’ll take your word for it” type of system.
      even if the person is a demon.
      it’s really ridiculous and makes you feel like you wasted your time bustin’ your ass.

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